Healthy food to prevent stroke
Healthy food to prevent stroke

10 Healthy food to prevent stroke

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Stroke is one of the most vigilant diseases for many people. To prevent it, you should eat healthy foods like the following. Healthy food to prevent stroke.

Healthy food to prevent stroke

  • Oatmeal.

Oatmeal can help lower LDL or commonly called bad cholesterol in the body. Consume it only with a dose of 3/4 cups already meet the 15 percent daily requirement of soluble fiber.

  • Sweet potato

Sweet potato is one of your best choices for fiber-rich dishes at dinner. Half a cup served without skin is equivalent to 1.8 grams of soluble fiber. Plus, sweet potatoes have a high antioxidant content.

  • Blueberries

Blueberries are rich in antioxidants which help the blood vessels to widen in order to keep your blood flow smoothly, while reducing inflammation.

  • Milk

A study in Puerto Rican men found people who did not drink milk had a blood pressure that was generally twice as high in general compared to those who drank it.

  • Banana

Research shows that a deficiency of only 1.5 grams of potassium in a day can increase the risk of stroke by 28 percent. Bananas are foods with high potassium so you can meet the daily potassium needs of this one fruit.

  • Pumpkin seed

A study, as written by RD, explains that eating magnesium-rich foods can reduce the risk of stroke by 30 percent. With just two tablespoons of pumpkin seed, you can meet about 18 percent of daily recommendations.

  • Spinach

In addition to magnesium, spinach is loaded with vitamin B folate. Diets rich in folic acid can reduce the risk of stroke by 20 percent.

  • Almond

A handful of almonds every day is good to help lower your cholesterol levels. In addition, the almond is also a great source of vitamin E which can stop the formation of plaque in the arteries.

  • Nuts.

Consuming nuts good for your health especially Your brain and heart health. Because beans are rich in vitamin B folate or also known as folic acid. A research shows that foods rich in folic acid can lower the risk of stroke by 20%.

  • The fish.

Ideally the man must eat a lot of fish than eat red meat. Fish in particular tuna and salmon is a good source of omega 3 fats. This substance is able to improve blood flow and reduce blood clotting. Eating fish also were able to lower the risk of stroke of 27%.

A stroke is a horrible disease that is capable of degrading a variety of other dangerous diseases. But you can prevent it early with eating food above, Healthy food to prevent stroke.

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