Green Tea Extract Benefits
Green Tea Extract Benefits

3 Green Tea Extract Benefits

Green Tea Extract Benefits – Archaeological evidence states that people have consumed tea leaves soaked in boiling water since 5.000 years ago. The botanical evidence suggests that India and China were among the first countries to cultivate tea. Nowadays, tea is the most widely consumed drinks in the world, second after water.

What is Green tea?

There are 3 main variations of tea, green, black and Oolong tea. These three types come from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, which are originally cultivated in East Asia. This plant grows like a shrub / tree and currently grows around Asia and parts of the Middle East and Africa. The difference in the three types is in how to process it.

Green tea is made from leaves that are not fermented while Oolong tea is made from partially fermented leaves. Black tea itself comes from fermented leaves. The more fermented, the lower the content of the polyphenols of the tea and the higher the caffeine content. Green tea is rumored to contain the highest concentration of very strong antioxidants called polyphenols. Black tea contains 2-3 times the caffeine content compared to green tea.

Green Tea Extract Benefits

Here are The Green Tea Extract Benefits:

Able to eliminate odors

Green Tea Extract Benefits To Eliminiate Odor

Green tea is known as herbal health drink which has many benefits for human body health. In the drink, there are various ways of serving green tea tailored to each person’s drinking taste. Some are brewed, filtered or dyed. From the variety of the presentation, often will leave the remnants of green tea, which turns out to have other benefits for you at home.

One of the benefits is being able to help you in cleaning a variety of home appliances and kitchens and also able to eliminate odors. For that, it is worth to know the content in green tea extract that is able to eliminate odors.

The answer is catechins. Green tea is rich in catechins that are part of the polyphenols also known as anti-oxidants. In addition catechins also serves as an anti-bacterial that makes green tea very good to remove the unpleasant odor that is generally caused by bacterial growth.

This then makes many manufacturers of hygiene products add green tea extract as one of its product composition ingredients.

Lose Weight

Obesity still showing an increase and become a worldwide health problem. Obesity can increase the risk of diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and even lead to increased risk of death. It happens because of a lifestyle change and an unhealthy diet from a group of people, so excess energy is stored in the form of fat in the body, especially in the visceral and subcutaneous.

Weight loss treatment is often done with diet, exercise, or a combination of both. In addition, one of the beneficial food ingredients for health is tea (Camellia sinensis). Different types of tea have various health benefits, e.g. Green tea.

Green tea has been popular in the world as a beverage and medicinal plant since thousands of years ago. Variations of natural flavonoids that have been found have a good influence for health, such as anti-obesity effects.

The Catechin of green tea is a polyphenolic flavonoids that have extensive biological functions and a good influence for health.

In particular, Epigallocatechin-3gallate (EGCG) of green tea can lose weight and accumulate body fat by increasing energy expenditure and fat oxidation. According to (Gilbert, 2006) by consuming 690 mg/day Catechin for 12 weeks, can reduce the total body weight about 3 kg, reduce waist circumference up to ± 3.3 cm, as well as reduce body fat percentage about 1.5 kg

Hair Care

The benefit of green tea for the hair is to maintain the shine of hair, and strengthen the hair roots in order not to fall easily. Green tea is able to encourage the growth of hair follicles and stimulate the human dermal papilla cells to increase hair production faster. Hair loss is a hair that does not grow due to lack of nutrients and vitamins, the problem of hair loss can be solved with this green tea extract.

Green tea is a good source of panthenol, which is often used in shampoos and conditioners to strengthen hair and repair branched hair. Panthenol along with other antioxidants contained in green tea can help in strengthening the hair and making it healthier.

More than that, green tea is also beneficial to eradicate dandruff and relieve itching in the scalp. Green tea is believed to be able to knock out dry yellowish white flakes produced by dandruff bacteria. Green tea for hair treatment has a high anti-oxidant content, this content is excellent for hair growth and daily hair care.

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