Cure For Aids
Cure for AIDS

5 Option To Cure for AIDS

Cure for AIDS – AIDS is caused by HIV, the human immunodeficiency virus, which damage the immune system. The combination of powerful drugs is the trend in the treatment of HIV at this time.

Human imunodificiency virus (HIV) is a virus that can lead to the AIDS disease. This Virus attacks the human immune system and attack the (immunity) of the body, so that the body becomes weak in the fight against infection.

Without treatment, a man with HIV can survive during the 9-11 years after infected, depending on the type. In other words, the presence of this virus in the body will cause a deficiency of the immune system. The distribution of HIV through distribution of Semen (reproduction), blood, vagi**nal fluid, and breast milk. HIV works by killing critical cells needed by a human, one is the helper T cells, Macrophages, dendritic cells.

Prior to the treatment of HIV, it is recommended to run a lot of HIV testing to make sure there is antibody in the blood against HIV. Unfortunately, these antibodies do not protect from HIV. The immune system produces it as a response to infection, which will show the presence of HIV.

Then, a test called the viral load is run to determine how well the treatment works. Your viral load can be tested every three to six months before starting a new HIV drug, and two to eight weeks after starting therapy.

The HIV/AIDS virus hard to eliminate.

One of the advantages of the HIV virus or AIDS that have yet to be solved is their ability to do the adaptation or mutate to correct their weaknesses if attacked by drugs.

Even sometimes the virus can hide themselves and cannot be detected. So far the researchers have been confused about how to make effective anti-HIV medications.

If a person is infected with HIV,, researchers will try to make the medicine. Then the virus will be killed, the patient will return healthy, but actually the viruses it is not totally lost in the patient’s body.

Cure for AIDS.

Cure For Aids

Although to date, there has been no cure for AIDS, however, there is a type of drug that may slow the progression of the virus. This kind of medicine called antiretroviral (ARV). ARVS work by eliminating the required elements of the HIV virus to reproduce themselves, and prevent HIV destroys CD4 cells. Some types of ARV drugs, among others:

  • Efavirenz.
  • Etravirine.
  • Nevirapine.
  • Lamivudin.
  • Zidovudin.

During taking any ARV, the doctor will monitor the number of virus and CD4 cells to assess the response of the patient’s response to treatment. CD4 count will be conducted each 3-6 months. Whereas the examination of HIV RNA is carried out since the beginning of the treatment, then every 3-4 months during treatment.

Things that may reduce the efficacy of an HIV drug

Make sure you are not doing this under various habits during antiretroviral therapy, so that, HIV medication that you consume can work optimally combating viruses and maintains your overall body health.

HIV treatment therapy should also do as diligently as possible to lower the rate of opportunistic infections such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, and other types of cancer, while reducing the risk of HIV transmission to others.

  • Not obedient in taking medication
  • Use drugs injection
  • Smo**king
  • Delaying therapy for HIV

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Several years ago, a diagnosis of HIV positive or AIDS often likened as a death bell. However, the current development of the world of medicine, HIV treatment is actually there was no cure. As with any chronic disease, even if you can’t eliminate the disease, but with the proper drug therapy may help extend life expectancy.

With Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ARVS) we call it, people that are infected with the HIV virus still can have longevity, healthy and productive. ARV therapy on a regular basis is very important for people with HIV positive, because it will suppress the amount of HIV that exist in the body while keeping the immune (CD4 > 350).

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