Cure for heart disease drugs

16 Cure For Heart Disease

Treatment depends on the type of heart disease experienced by the patient. For example, in heart disease caused by infection, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics.

Cure For Heart Disease

In general, treatment methods of heart disease include:

Lifestyle changes.

Living a healthy lifestyle can prevent heart disease from worsening. Some ways can be done, among others, by doing light exercise 30 minutes a day, consuming low-fat and low-sodium foods, quitting smo**king, and restricting consumption of alco**holic beverages.

Natural cure for heart disease

Mangosteen Skin

Mangosteen skin contains Xanthone, which serves to enable antioxidants to prevent free radicals. Free radicals can cause blood vessels deposits and trigger blockages.

The content of Xanthones in Mangosteen skin, namely the two types of Alpha Mangosteen and Gamma Mangosteen can help in the treatment of various cardiovascular diseases.


The next natural Cure For Heart Disease is garlic.

The antioxidants contained in garlic can help remove bad cholesterol, reduce the appearance of cancer attacks, and lower blood sugar. Therefore, garlic becomes one of the natural remedies for coronary heart disease.

White turmeric

White turmeric contains anti-lipid peroxide substances that are efficacious for treating coronary heart disease, uric acid, and diabetes. 

Soursop leaf (Annona muricata).

Soursop comes from the Annonaceae family. The morphology of the egg-shaped circular leaves are somewhat thick and on the smooth surface of the upper part is dark green, while the lower part has a lighter color.

The efficacy of the leaves as a remedy to cope with cardiac medicine has been scientifically examined by some experts. Ethanol extract in soursop contributes to the weakening of the vasodilatory activity (widening the diameter of blood vessels occurring when the muscles in the blood vessel walls loosing.

A muricata leaf contains the Annonaceous acetogenins compounds, alkaloids, and phenolic compounds that possess versatile pharmacological properties especially anti-inflammatory and anticancer.

Materials needed.

  • 10 pieces of old soursop leaves
  • Clean water 300 ml.

How to make.

  1. Wash soursop leaf Clean
  2. Boil the soursop leaves in clean water as much as 300 ml with medium heat for 15 minutes
  3. Filter the decoction of the glass

Drink while warm. Soursop leaves can be used for 2 to 3 times decoction. You can drink it once a day in the morning.

Cure for heart disease drugs.

The drug used to treat heart disease depends on the type of heart disease itself. Some medications are commonly used in the treatment of heart disease, among others:

ACE inhibitors

ACE inhibitors – function to inhibit the body from generating angiotensin thereby lowering blood pressure. For example Captopril and Ramipril.

Angiotensin II receptor blockers

Angiotensin II receptor blockers – work by inhibiting the effect of Angiotensin to lower blood pressure. For example Losartan.


Anticoagulants – function to prevent blood clotting by inhibiting the work of blood coagulation factors. For example, heparin and warfarin.


Cure for heart disease drugs
16 Cure For Heart Disease 2

Antiplatelet – Similarly to anticoagulants, Antiplatelet function prevents the formation of blood clots in different ways. For example, aspirin and Clopidrogel.

Calcium antagonists

Calcium antagonists – work by regulating the levels of calcium that enters the heart muscle and blood vessels, thereby dilating blood vessels. For example amlodipine and nifedipine.

Beta inhibitors

Beta inhibitors – work by suppressing an adrenaline-boosting effect that increases your heart rate, so that your heart doesn’t work too hard. For example Metoprolol and bisoprolol.


Cholesterol-lowering – serves to increase good cholesterol levels (HDL) and lower levels of bad cholesterol (LDL). For example Atorvastatin.

Digitalis Medicine

Digitalis Medicine – Works by raising calcium levels in the heart cells, thereby increasing the heart pump. For example, digoxin.


Nitrates – function to widen blood vessels. For example, nitroglycerin and isosorbide dinitrate.

Medical procedures.


In some cases, the doctor will run the surgical procedure, so that the patient’s condition does not deteriorate. For example, if the patient’s arteries are almost or completely closed, the doctor will attach a stent in heart or ring to the arteries, so that the patient’s blood flow returns to normal.

The procedure depends on the type of heart disease and the level of heart damage suffered by the patient.

Cardiac bypass surgery.

Another procedure often performed is cardiac bypass surgery. This surgical procedure is done by grafting other blood vessels, so that the blood flow passes through the new blood vessels.

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