Cleanest air on earth
Cleanest Air on Earth

The Cleanest Air on Earth 2020, and The Impact of Pollution on Health

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The world has been contaminated with many things. But that does not mean that there is no area in the world that is still good.

Not long ago, scientists found territory with the cleanest air on Earth. They believe they have identified particles-free air due to human activity. Where is the Cleanest Air on Earth?

The Cleanest Air on Earth

Cleanest air on earth - antarctic ocean
The Cleanest Air on Earth 2020, and The Impact of Pollution on Health 2

Researchers have identified a region in the Southern Ocean off the coast of Antarctica as a region that has the cleanest air on earth.

A team of climate scientists from Colorado State University, headed by Sonia Kreidenweis, wants to know how far the particle range is generated by the industry and the human activity.

The weather and the climate are closely related, linking every different part of the world to other regions. As the climate changes rapidly due to human activity, scientists and researchers struggle to find corners of the earth that are not affected by humans.

However, the Professor Sonia Kreidenweis, and her team had long suspected the air above the Southern Ocean was least affected by humans and dust from the continent around it.

The research was conducted using a research ship departing from Tasmania, Australia, to a location within 40 kilometers from Antarctica. In the region the scientists examined the bacterial profiles of the air samples in the region.

To find out, they sailed to the Southern Ocean, which surrounded Antarctica below 40 degrees south latitude, and measured the air composition at some point.

They take measurements of the boundary layer, part of the lower atmosphere that directly touches the sea level and reach a height of 1.2 miles into the atmosphere.

Team samples do not exhibit aerosols or other particles connected with human pollution or other activities.

From the research that has been published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, scientists have found that the quality of air there is very clean and non-contaminated particle pollution from any place. However, these air particles contain small amounts of DNA for analysis.

It turns the pollution particle movement can move far

Scientists then found that the boundary air layer, which fed a lower cloud over the Southern Ocean, was free of aerosol particles occurring due to human activity. Usually, these aerosols are created from fossil fuels, fertilizer production, and waste water disposal.

Air pollution is caused by aerosols, it becomes a particle form and a solid and liquid gas suspended in the air.

The researchers decided to learn what to do in the air, and from where it came from, uses bacteria in the air as a diagnostic tool to infer lower atmospheric properties.

Thomas Hill, a member of the team of scientists, said the particles found relate to bacteria derived from sea sprays that are aerosol particles coming from the oceans. From the results of the study, they found that the Southern Ocean also called the Antarctic Ocean was an area that was not exposed to anthropogenic activity or the human activity that resulted in pollution.

Impact of Pollution on Health

Air pollution has become a global public health crisis, and kills seven million people annually, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Research suggests that air pollution increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer.

More than 80% of people living in urban areas are suspected of exposure to air pollution at a level of quality that exceeds the boundaries of the WHO guidelines, said health organization, and low-and middle-income countries suffer the highest exposure.

However, as the research shows, air pollution can cross the geographical boundaries, and influence people who are a hundred miles away from where they came from.

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