Carpal tunnel stretches
Carpal Tunnel Stretches

Carpal Tunnel Stretches – 4 Stretches to Ease Your Pain

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The number of people that experience hand and wrist pain gets increase every day. It is not surprising since the amount of texting and typing also get increased. The condition in which you feel numbness and weakness in your hand after typing or texting is called the carpal tunnel. But, you can overcome the problem with carpal tunnel stretches.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – What Is It?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is also identified as an inflammatory disorder. This condition often occurs in the hands’ nerves which is usually caused by certain factors. The most common factors cause the condition are injury, repetitive stress such as typing, and a medical condition such as hypothyroidism, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes,

The syndrome causes pain to everyone who experiences it. However, there are some carpal tunnel stretches that people can use to ease the pain caused by the syndrome. The regular exercises done can help the sufferers to reduce the pain.

4 Carpal Tunnel Stretches to Ease Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel stretches
Carpal Tunnel Stretches

Carpal tunnel stretches are relatively easy to do. You can even do it yourself at home or in the office just after many hours of typing on a computer.

Forearm Stretch

To do the stretching, you need to start with sitting upright on a chair. Next, you have to position yourself a certain way so that your body is over your sit bones directly. Meanwhile, your spine should be in a neutral position.

You can extend both of your arms in front of your body directly. Make sure that your palms facing down when you are doing it. To make it easier for you to do the stretching, you can put your fingers toward the wall. They should be on either side of your body. Keep in the same position for 5 up to 10 seconds.

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Wrist Extension

You can do this stretch both form standing or seated position. You can begin with extending one arm as high as your shoulder level while your fingers in a position as they are pointing upward. Then, use your opposite hand to grasp your fingertips. After that, pull the fingertips toward your body until you can feel the stretch just below your wrist. Just keep in the same position for 20 up to 30 minutes.

High Flexion and Extention

As the starting point, you can do it the same way as forearm stretch. You can start the stretching activity simply by sitting upright in a chair. Make sure that you position yourself so that your upper body will be directly over your sit bones.

Then, your spine will be in a neutral position. You also need to keep your palms facing down while you are extending both of your arms in front of your body. Then, create a “claw” by flexing your fingers inward and then spread your fingers. Make sure that you do it as far apart as you can to get the best result for 30 minutes.

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Wrist Extension and Flexion with Weight

Next, you can ease your carpal tunnel syndrome by using wrist extension and flexion with weight stretch. You can do the exercise from a seated position. All you need to do is just rest your forearm on a table or a desk. Make sure that your palms facing down and your wrist are hanging off when doing this step. To make it easier, you can use a light dumbbell.

Just hold the tool in that hand and position your flex wrist upward. While doing this, make sure that you maintain eye contact with the desk and your forearm. You can manage to return to the starting point slowly to help you get the best result. You can do the carpal tunnel stretches and repeat them 5 to 10 times.

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