Apple Cider Vinegar For Heart
Apple Cider Vinegar for Heart

Apple Cider Vinegar for Heart: How To Use, and 4 Steps To Make It

Apple Cider Vinegar for Heart: How To Use, and The Steps To Make It – Unhealthy lifestyle and diet can trigger the onset of heart disease. Not only older people, children are not spared from this disease. But, did you know that Apple vinegar can be a natural solution to prevent heart disease?

Coronary heart occurs when blood vessels supplying blood to the heart are blocked. This occurs because of the plaque on the wall of the artery due to the accumulating cholesterol. This condition is exacerbated by the formation of blood clots, which can clog the blood vessels totally and cause a heart attack.

Heart Attack Symptoms

There are some symptoms that heart attack sufferers can feel, such as chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, anxiety, and cold sweat. However, patients with cardiac arrest are not experiencing symptoms and are immediately experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.

If this is the case with you or your family, then immediately go to the hospital to get help immediately. Due to the critical time (time window) held by cardiac arrest patients is 90 to 120 minutes after an attack. The first hour will determine whether a heart attack patient can survive or not.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Heart

So far, you may think the apple fruit is just a kind of refreshing dessert. But more than that. Apple juice is fermented into vinegar, has an extraordinary efficacy for cardiovascular health.

A study in Minnesota, the United States, revealed, a spoonful or two tablespoons of of apple vinegar every day is beneficial in raising good cholesterol levels (HDL) in the body.

Researchers believe that those who consume regular apple vinegar for eight weeks will experience increased levels of good cholesterol, while effectively suppressing the bad cholesterol (LDL) of blood vessels.

The research was conducted on 120 participants divided into two groups. Each group gets a different treat. The first group has a regular intake of vinegar. While other groups, took empty or placebo supplements.

A separate study was conducted against a number of experimental animals with diabetes. Not only does it effectively lower bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol levels, apple vinegar is also good for lowering blood sugar levels and reducing appetite. Apple vinegar is believed to accelerate fat burning.

Consuming apple vinegar regularly can lower fat levels in the blood (lipids).

Lowering lipid levels can help prevent heart disease.

A 2014 study in female rats found similar apple vinegar benefits that able to lower fat in the blood.

Later, a 2017 study stated that male rats given apple vinegar had better heart and blood vessel health.

Although the rats consume high-fat foods, apple vinegar is able to reduce the risk of obesity related to bad heart health.

The rats consumed apple vinegar also tended not to experience metabolic changes associated with the risk of obesity and heart disease.

It should be understood that a number of studies listed above are still limited to small studies, with limited human samples or only done in experimental animals.

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Soak feet with apple cider vinegar for heart health

Soak Feet With Apple Cider Vinegar For Heart Health

Apple vinegar has a biologically active substance that allows to remove bacteria and germs that are very harmful to our bodies.

Apple vinegar will provide tremendous benefits by using it once a week to soak the feet.

We can also add spices, herbs and aromatic salts to the marinate of vinegar.

Or simply prepare the apple vinegar mixed into the warm water in the container and soak your feet straight away.

This way can be done within a week and someone will get a lot of benefits.

How to make apple cider vinegar for heart

If you have never seen apple vinegar, apple vinegar usually looks light yellow to a transparent brown. There are also types of apple vinegar that still has the pulp (unfiltered). Where the pulp is actually a vinegar or commonly called a mother of vinegar.

The way of making apple vinegar is also easy. Here are the steps:

  • You just have to cut the apple into small pieces, add sugar, and then soak it with water until it sinks completely.
  • Leave the Apple marinate for one week.
  • Afterwards, separate the pulp with vinegar water. Put vinegar into a sealed bottle and keep it for six weeks to get a perfectly mature vinegar.
  • Save in room temperature to protect your apple vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar made from ripe apples that are fermented through a fairly strict process aims to produce the best final product.

The use of apple vinegar is also quite easy. 

Due to its acidic nature, apple vinegar is recommended to be consumed in a diluted way. You can dilute it with water or juice according to your taste. If you feel too sour, you can add honey or sugar as a sweetener.

You can mix two tablespoons of apple vinegar with one tablespoon of sugar or honey into a glass of plain water. You can also add apple vinegar to your food.

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