How to get water out of ear
How to get water out of ear

5 Home Remedies to Get Water out of Ears

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As you know, there are various problems that could happen in your lifetime. With the serious ones, you will totally seek the way to deal with them right away. But with simple ones, you may look down on them without considering the consequences. Indeed, have you ever thought that the water stuck in your ears could lead to dangerous infection?

Why Does Water Get into Your Ears?

Water stuck in your ears seems to be really familiar to people in all parts of the world. In fact, you can easily get this bad condition when you take a dip in the hot tub or swimming pool. It also happens in other cases too, such as taking a shower, diving in the ocean without ear protection. Aside from the irritated and uncomfortable feeling in your ears, you may not hear clearly or the noise you hear like it comes from another room. Furthermore, if the water trapped in the ear canal is not removed right away, it possibly causes an ear infection. In addition, this infection is widely known as “swimmer’s ear” – a common type of ear infection.

This infection happens because of the development of bacteria or fungal organisms in your ear canal. The initial symptoms are irritated, itching and a little painful, hence you will want to scratch the affected area. However, you should not put the cotton swab or finger into your ears in order to relieve these symptoms. By doing that, you can damage the soft tissues of the ear and even worsen the condition. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about clogged water, this article will give you a helping hand with this problem. After applying some tips on how to get water out of ear, the discomfort doesn’t go away, you have to see your doctor for medical treatment.

Moreover, it is advised that you should use ear plugs or some other kinds of ear protection to stay away from this bad problem.

How to Get Water out of Ears

  1. Gravity

Above all, this solution is one of the simplest ways to remove the water in your ears. Indeed, you only need to follow some steps and then let the gravity do its work.

How to apply

  • You can lie down on a couch in order to tilt the head to one side
  • Make the clogged ear parallel to the couch
  • Use your hand to form a vacuum by pressing forward and backward your ear quickly
  • Keep doing that for several times, the water will flow out of your ear soon
  • Finally, prepare a cotton ball or a towel to clean the ear.
  1. Warm Compress

In fact, water can be stuck in the Eustachian tube that is deep in your ear. This is the tube where the area near your nasal tract and your middle ear come together. This therapy will use the hot temperature to remove the water. Furthermore, it also aids you in reducing the swelling and ear pain.

How to apply

  • Prepare warm compress by soaking a towel in hot water for a few minutes
  • Squeeze out the excessive water
  • Cover your suffered ear with this towel gently in 2 minutes
  • After that, tilt the head to one side and allow the water to flow out
  • Keep following this home remedy about several times until the trapped water is disappeared.
  1. Salt

Salt compress is widely known as a useful solution to get rid of extra water in your ears. It is really simple and easy for you to apply this remedy, everything that you need is right in your kitchen.

How to apply

  • Prepare 5-6 tablespoons of salt and use the microwave to heat it up
  • Place the salt in a piece of cotton fabric and if necessary, rope it in order to keep the salt inside
  • Apply this pack to the affected ear and keep it there for several minutes
  1. Garlic

Another amazing home remedy to get the water out of your ears is to use garlic. When it comes to water stuck in your ears, you totally can face with the infection and pain. But don’t get too concerned about it, garlic can help you deal with these bad conditions immediately. Because of the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory content in garlic, it has the ability to relieve irritated and painful feeling.

How to apply

  • Take a little fresh garlic juice
  • Pour some drops of it into your painful ear, then leave it there for 2 minutes
  • Afterwards, get the hair dryer to evaporate the fluid in your ears.

Moreover, garlic is also used in many ways to deal with a variety of problems in your life, such as Home remedies for smoker’s cough.

  1. Blow Dryer

If you have the water clogged in your ears, you can use the hair dryer to evaporate the excessive water in your ear canals. By blowing the hot air into your ears, the trapped fluid will be dried out faster.

How to apply

  • Set the hair dryer at the lowest option
  • Hold the hair dryer far away from the opening of your ear, the suitable distance could be more than 10 inches
  • While following this solution, you need to pull down the ear lobe. Hence, the hot air enters your ear canal easier.

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