How To Cure Ringworm In Dogs
How To Cure Ringworm In Dogs (Illustration/pixabay)

How To Cure Ringworm In Dogs

Although its name a ringworm, but is not caused by a worm at all but a fungus. This highly contagious infection that can cause patchy areas of hair loss in dogs, and can spread to other animals and to humans, too.

Ringworm is a fungal disease caused by Trichophyton sp and Microspora sp. Ringworm in dogs are circular (ring) with reddish edge accompanied small bumps surrounding the bald areas.

How To Cure Ringworm In Dogs

Ringworm in dogs need treatment and the treatment can quite a long time. The treatment long enough due to ringworm which have usually been infected in a long time. In addition, although easily regenerating skin, but the skin have thick layer and has a little blood vessels so that treatment should be two ways i.e. in topical and overall.

Most dogs can be treated with outpatient, but quarantine procedures should be considered because of the nature of the infection can be transmitted to humans. If your vet needs to be antifungal prescription drugs, the use of an Elizabeth collar (wide collar placed around the neck) is recommended to prevent antifungal drug applied on the skin of a dog that ingested.

How to cure ringworm in dogs, it is generally the most potent medic action to cure this disease is by administering wormectin (trademark) or ivomec. Granting dose in dogs which is about 1 cc / 10 kg body weight. The treatment was undertaken in IM injection (intramuscular injection) or under the skin. If it is difficult to do this, the injection can also be done into the subcutis, the layer of skin directly below the dermis and epidermis.

The use of topical.
The use of topical or locally is usually applied by rub directly on the skin of the dog, or using shampoo. The drug is applied directly is usually in the form of ointments, gel, or lotion. Local or topical treatment aims to improve the skin as well as reduce the smell of the skin due to the disease.

Natural treatment Ringworm in dogs.
Natural treatment Ringworm in dogs can use manila leaves and white betel.
The following usage:

  • Prepare the manila leaves and betel leaf: betel leaf 7 pieces, and manila leaves 1 stalk about 11 sheets.
  • Clean both
  • Boil with water about 5 glasses of water after boiling reserving 3 cups.
  • Wait until warm
  • Wash entire the dog’s body that got the ringworm.
  • This treatment if routine every morning and afternoon will usually heal within 3 days.

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How To Cure Ringworm In Dogs

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