How to cure ringworm in cats
How To Cure Ringworm In Cats (Illustration/pixabay)

How To Cure Ringworm In Cats

Ringworm in cats can be transmitted to humans. Ringworm in cats mostly caused by Microsporum Canis. Other fungal species that cause this condition is Microsporum gypseum or Trichophyton species.

The fungus spreads from the other infected animals. Fungal spores which infect can remain active for up to 24 months. The spores can spread from cat beds, cat furniture, brush, and others who have contact with infected animals. The optimum condition for the growth of the fungus is humid and warm environment.

About 20% of the population of cats is known as asymptomatic carriers, i.e. they carry fungus, but without experiencing any signs of infection. Cats aged under 12 months are more vulnerable to infection, as well as the cat that has long fur, as well as cats that are stressed.

How To Cure Ringworm In Cats

It is very important to treat the cat after diagnosed with ringworm. A healthy cat will recover from infection by itself within 2 to 4 months. However, due to this highly contagious infection, need immediate medical assistance.

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Here are some ways to cure ringworm in cats:

Quarantine the infected cats.
Avoid direct contact with other cats in the house. Separate the use of tools such as towel, comb, carpet, place to eat/drink, etc.

Shaving the affected area of ringworm to facilitate treatment.
If the ringworm infection found in some parts of the skin, we recommend shaving cat advance to facilitate treatment.

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Your veterinarian may prescribe an Itrafungol containing itraconazole or other medications to treat the infection.

Apply the ointment, cream or anti-fungal spray.
An ointment / cream containing sulfur is effective for treating ringworm. Giving Betadine is also quite powerful for a ringworm that are still mild. Anti fungal sprays very practical, because we simply sprayed onto areas that are infected with the ringworm. Example of spray to treat ringworm is a virbac wound gard.

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Special shampoo.
Other treatments are also important is through topical therapy is by washing the body of a cat using a special shampoo.

Bathing a cat every 4-6 days for about 2 to 4 weeks.
Do not worry if it turns into a yellowish fur. This is reasonable because lime sulfur contained in the anti ringworm shampoo causes the fur was yellow.

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