Massage for anxiety and depression

How Massage Therapy Can Reduce Anxiety & Lower Stress Levels


When the body is placed in a mode to either fight or flight, the body automatically goes through a series of changes, the most dominant of which involves a sudden enhancement in the release of Cortisol also known as the ‘stress hormone.’

An increase in Cortisol further results in temporarily suppressing the body immune system, leaving the anatomy at a vulnerable point with contracting viral infections or even cold.

Easing the body and reduction of stress; therefore, is an essential component of maintaining a healthy body. Massage Therapy since decades has been known to work efficiently with delivering sheer relaxation; thus, promoting the reduction of stress or tension significantly. For those still unsure of the ways by which regular massage therapy can reduce pressure within the body, the below-mentioned content can provide a comprehensive understanding.

Varying Specialized Techniques Used

Massage Therapy itself is divided into some various branches, consisting of different types. Each distinct massage type incorporates some fully specialized massage movements as well as motions to achieve the desired objective or a pre-set result such as enhanced physical recovery or sheer relaxation. Other aspects such as the clients staying fully dressed or covered by towel drape also help with differing the different types of massages offered.

A traditional Thai massage, for example, keeps clients entirely dressed and laying upon a mat on the floor while a traditional massage involves the clients being covered only in a towel drape which is then removed to target specific body parts with the massage.

The main types of massage therapy include, but are not completely limited to; A classical or Swedish massage, Thai massage, Hot-stone massage, Aromatic massage and Deep-tissue massage. For ensuring that utmost relaxation is being delivered, techniques such as tapping, rolling, kneading as well as vibrating motions are used for targeting tension-prone areas or muscles within the body.

Alongside different massaging motions, the use of lubricants such as a combination of essential oils is also utilized to efficiently avoid any discomfort that may be caused as a result of fiction taking place between the hands of the masseuse as well as the skin of the clients.

It is best; however, to discuss the cause of the stress with the masseuse to give him/her a more comprehensive understanding of the root of the problem so that they can modify the massage therapy to best suit your requirements.

Loosening Up of the Muscles

Increased stress or tension levels within the body not only adversely affect the immune system but also plays a role in causing the muscles of the body to react by becoming tense as well as pressure. In cases where the body is kept under continuous stress, or chronic stress is taken upon, the consequences upon the muscles can become much worse.

Patients can then be subject to a variety of issues including, but not limited to; chronic backaches, joint pains, painful cramping of the muscles, headaches along with other associated pains.

Regular massage therapy; however, has been proven to efficiently help with loosening up the tense muscles via a variety of massage motions specifically in cases where heat penetration is also incorporated into the massage being delivered. Merging heat transmission, with massage motions being provided enhances the effects by allowing for a more in-depth level of penetration into the muscles of the body.

A combination of different techniques such as long, deep strokes, stretching, rubbing, tapping as well as rolling can be utilized to best achieve the desired effects. With the help of loosening the muscles, any possible strain or tension trapped within can effectively, then be reduced if not eliminated in the attempts to relax the body, eventually leading to a reduction of stress.

Relaxing Environment

A relaxing environment is always maintained regardless of whether the massage is taking place within the vicinity of a professional spa or even in a bedroom, aromatic candles, and dim lighting is managed to help with calming as well as soothing the senses of the clients.

A relaxing atmosphere or surrounding can succeed in shifting the psychological thoughts of the client from components such as anxiety or even everyday worries. When the mind is fully relaxed, only then can the physical body de-stress once it’s out of its ‘fight’ mode.

Keeping the Digestive System Relaxed

Stress and any form of tension when hits the subconscious mind, directly also effects both the digestive system of those subject to it as well as the immune system via a sudden increase in the levels of ‘Cortisol’ being released into the body.

Also more commonly known as the ‘stress hormone’, Cortisol can weaken the immune system temporarily making the victim of chronic or continuous anxiety more prone to catching viral infections. Enhancing the blood flow via the help of regular or frequent massages with the help of a professional masseuse can help with reducing such adverse effects.

Increased blood-flow will both help with bringing the digestive system of the body back to its normal state as well as improving the immune system to better allow it for fighting off bacteria or toxins.

Specific factors; however, do need to be taken into consideration when opting for massage therapy for the sole purpose of reduction of stress or anxiety. Only professional masseuse with a considerable amount of experience should be hired to carry out the treatment.

Massage therapy is a process when being utilized for stress reduction; therefore, frequent trips will need to be made to the spa or the hired masseuse to be able to reap the desired results. Any past medical history or ailments should also be told off to the masseuse so that he/she can best create a massage therapy featuring specialized motions which will best suit your condition.

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