Why do we have eyebrows?
Why do We Have Eyebrows?

5 Reasons Why do We Have Eyebrows?

Why do We Have Eyebrows? Living creatures, including humans, do evolve. Although not a really extreme, theory of Darwin’s evolution, that says we are from monkeys. However, some of our body structures have changed very much, following the existing natural selection, according to what became the habit of each generation.

The longer, the forehead and the structure of human faces are more subtle than their predecessors. Surprisingly, it turns out that the brow presence is smoother and neater in modern humans.

Human eyebrows are like not too useful. But it turns out that eyebrows are more important than what you’ve been thinking. This hair curved above the eye has many uses according to science.

Eyebrows are one of the most important aspects of our appearance.

The eyebrows are a distinctive feature that makes up the face, and many people pay attention to their appearance.

Some people spend a lot of time caring for eyebrows, just like when they take care of their lips or eyelashes.

Why do We Have Eyebrows?

Why do We Have Eyebrows? Each person has a different eyebrow. Whether it’s from the texture of the hair, shape, and thickness. This diverse eyebrow appearance is influenced by descent. However, it can also shape and thickness change due to injuries around the skin near the eyebrows.

Aside from being an ornamental, the eyebrow turns out to have a very important function. What for? 

Prevent water or sweat from the forehead entering the eye.

The eyebrows serve to prevent water or sweat from the forehead into the eye. The presence of eyebrows makes the water slide to the sides of the nose, so we can still see clearly.

Without eyebrows, it can be that water will go into the eye, and hurt our eyes.

Help us recognize the people.

The eyebrows also function to help us recognize the people we know. As with the eyes, mouth, nose, and ears that differ from others, the shape of the eyebrows is also different.

If we do not have eyebrows, it will be very difficult for friends or even your family to recognize you.

Communicate non verbal.

Why do we have eyebrows? - communicate

Very easy to move eyebrows can help modern humans communicate with other non-verbally.

Delivery of friendly expressions.

Formerly the eyebrows are used as power markers, while the eyebrows in the present are more functional in the delivery of friendly expressions because we are more connected to each other socially.

Eyebrows are also important because they can show what we feel. The way we expression can be seen from the eyebrows, whether you are happy, sad, or angry. The eyebrows will move on their own without realizing it, so we can’t control it.

When you talk to others, eyebrows can also signal your enthusiasm to the opponent and tell how we feel at that moment.

For people who are in the world of pictures must definitely learn to draw faces with various expressions.

Express complex emotions

The eyebrow movement allows us to express complex emotions, as well as feel the emotions of others.

Benefits of Eyebrows in Evolution.

There are a number of possibilities for how eyebrows might help the early humans survive.

Being able to see more clearly in the rain will help them find shelter.

In addition, in critical situations, the eyebrows are useful to prevent the sweat from getting into the eyes so that it can save lives.

When trying to escape the predator, for example, there are many chances of sweat that will flow on the face.

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That is Why do We Have Eyebrows. Surprisingly, in some people there was an eyebrow shaved out. Some are because of the demands of style (fashion) and there is also because of certain beliefs. Unimaginable, those people usually should not sweat a lot, but always wipe the sweat on their forehead so that the eyes don’t slip.

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