Why Do Babies Laugh In Their Sleep

Why Do Babies Laugh In Their Sleep: 5 Causes

The ability to laugh is one of many infant emotional development markers. As soon as the baby understand the fun of laughing, it will be more frequent. Babies don’t even just laugh when interacting with you, but also during a deep sleep. Roughly, what is the cause?

Why Do Babies Laugh In Their Sleep: The Causes

Most babies begin to learn to laugh once they enter the age of 3-4 months, but this is not the benchmark for all babies. Some babies may be new to laughing a few months later, and this is a reasonable phenomenon.

The first laughter usually arises because the baby sees things he likes, like the face of his parents or a toy hanging over his bed. The baby can also laugh when he hears his own voice or because of laughter makes him feel happy.

During sleep, your baby sometimes laughs. Uniquely, the cause of the baby to laugh while sleeping is not known for sure.


Why Do Babies Laugh In Their Sleep - Dreaming

The first opinion that is cause of Why Do Babies Laugh In Their Sleep is Dreaming.

Some experts suspect that this behavior may be due to babies dreaming, but there is no concrete method that can prove such allegations.

Rapid Eye Movement (REM)

Nevertheless, there is a promising explanation of this phenomenon. Like older people, babies also experience a sleep phase called the Rapid Eye Movement (REM).

The REM is characterized by a rapid eye movement accompanied by involuntary gestures. During the REM phase, the baby’s breathing rate becomes irregular and can stop for 5-10 seconds.

Reflex Movements

The Baby’s body also more often experiences reflex movements in the hands, feet, to face and mouth.

Reflex motion in the mouth makes the baby as if smiling and laughing at bedtime. It is in line with the research in the journal Nature and Science of Sleep.

The study found that baby’s mouth was often twitching during the REM phase.

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Babies 0-8 weeks

Babies laugh or smile since they were born. However, before the age of 8 weeks, a baby smile is not a real smile. There are some opinions that try to explain Why Do Babies Laugh In Their Sleep.

The baby secretes gas from his mouth

The first opinion is because the baby secretes gas from his mouth, so he looks like a smile. But this opinion is not very much a question of Why Do the baby secretes gas from his mouth Babies Laugh In Their Sleep, because sometimes the baby laughs when the mouth is in a somewhat gaped (open) condition. In an open mouth state, he should not have to laugh; When he wants to remove gas.

Another opinion is due to baby reflexes. So, baby laughing in sleep is considered the same as baby reflex sucking thumbs, pacifier, etc. that he did not realize. This opinion may be true.

Another opinion is associated with a sleep process called the REM stage (Rapid Eye Movement). (Read above).


Japanese scientists from University of the Sacred Heart and Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University in 2004 videotaped 6 babies sleep aged 4 days to 87 days.

In the study, a baby girl laughed at the age of 17 days and the other baby laughed 1 to 4 times when he was 1-2 months old. Kiyobumi Kawakami of Sacred Heart states that the cause of laughter may be the emotions that babies suffer.

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Babies 8 weeks and over

The first social smile usually adorns the lips of infants aged 8 weeks or more. It was already about the faces he often met and smiled as a sign of joy. This smiles and laughter experienced all the babies of any race.

In fact, a blind baby also smiles to express his emotions at a touch or a voice that he or she recognizes. When the baby’s age gets older, the laughter or smiles in the sleep are diminishing.

Which opinion do you believe? Is the Guardian angel who asks him to joke and laugh together? If we remember what we experienced as a baby, we could know the answer. Enjoy the smiles of children, and don’t forget to smile to the world every day.

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