What to do if someone is having a stroke?
What To Do If Someone Is Having A Stroke?

What To Do If Someone Is Having A Stroke? Here are 10 Steps

What To Do If Someone Is Having A Stroke? When the heavyweight disease comes, it can change one’s life forever. One of the illnesses that classified as heavyweight is stroke.

When a stroke suddenly strikes one of the family members, there are two things you should do.

What To Do If Someone Is Having A Stroke?

Make sure that what happens to the sufferer is really a stroke.

First, make sure that what happens to the sufferer is really a stroke. Check with the FAST method. FAST abbreviation of Face, arms, speech, and the time. Related faces, ask family members to smile. Look carefully at the face when smiling, whether it appears symmetrical or not.

For hand (arms) related motor sensor paralysis. Ask him to lift both arms straight forward and hold them a few seconds. Take good care, can he lift both arms? If it can lift both arms, does one of the arms looks down?

Next, speech. Gently ask a family member who is suspected of attacking the stroke to speak a particular word and sentence containing the “R” consonant. Listen well. Does he speak clearly or slurred?

Lastly, time. Every second is very valuable.

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Taken immediately to the emergency department (ER).

If one of the three symptoms is detected, it is immediately taken to the nearest hospital / emergency unit (which has integrated stroke handling facility). If he can still talk, ask what he feels about his vision.

Not impossible, the patient felt the dark eyes next door. If so, there is a blockage of blood vessels in the eye area. It could not be generalized that the stroke is a blockage blood vessels occurring around the brain

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First aid how to overcome mild strokes

What To Do If Someone Is Having A Stroke? If you see or with a person with a mild stroke, here’s the first aid you can do when it relapse.

Do not move.

When you move a person from the original place, it will make it possible to rupture the fine blood vessels in the brain faster and will certainly be risky. Just help the sufferer to take a position to sit so as not to fall again.

Position with comfort

Try to keep it as comfortable as possible. So that the body and blood circulation is not experiencing interference. Calm the people and try to keep them breathable smoothly. With a comfortable position, the condition of the sufferer will not increase badly.

It is important to pay attention to the comfortable position of the sufferer, so that the psychological condition of mild stroke will be much better. That way, the sufferer will heal faster.

Other First Aid

  • Give a drink.
  • Pull and Pin the Ear lobe.
  • Puncture Fingertips with Needles.

That’s the help you can do for a mild stroke. If the condition has not improved or has improved, you should still consult with the doctor.

First Aid Stroke attacks

What To Do If Someone Is Having A Stroke? Here are the first aid stroke attacks:

Don’t Panic.

The first stroke handling step is not to panic. Panic will only make you do not know what to do and only make the sufferer wait for help too long. Calm is needed in such situations to be able to take proper and appropriate action. Also, if you can call others around to help you.


You should check if the person is in a conscious state or not. The trick is to ask them to name, wink, or answer even with the murmur.


What to do if someone is having a stroke - breathing
What To Do If Someone Is Having A Stroke? Here are 10 Steps 2

The next stroke treatment step is breathing. Also make sure they breathe well. If they are breathless, then you can unlock their buttons, neckties or clothes so they can breathe better. But if the person does not breathe, then you should immediately perform CPR.

The trick is to put pressure on the lower part of the breastbone by using both your hands with a locking finger position. Then tilt the head and lift the chin and give it breath through the mouth while closing the nose. Perform this movement until there are signs of them are returning to breathe or until medical assistance arrives.

Head position

Adjust the head position to the sufferer higher than the body. In this case, you can put a shirt, bag, or jacket behind the head so that the head position becomes higher than the body.

Maintain body temperature

Cover their bodies with jackets, fabrics, or anything else around you. The goal is to keep the body temperature in normal condition.

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Well, after knowing the stroke treatment step, don’t forget to always be vigilant if traveling with someone who has a history of stroke disease. Moreover, continue to apply a healthy lifestyle to avoid the various causes of stroke.

Thank you very much for reading What To Do If Someone Is Having A Stroke? Hopefully useful.

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