What Is Menarche?
What Is Menarche?

What Is Menarche? Know About It and Its Characteristics

Menarche definition

What is menarche? It means the woman’s first menstruation, or what people also called as the first period. Menstruation is the monthly shed of the uterine wall. When a woman get her menarche, it gives effect with physical change as the mark. It is because, for woman menstruation is the change from adolescence to adulthood. Therefore, menarche becomes the signal that a woman body is able for pregnancy.

Some characteristics before getting menarche

Knowing about what is menarche also means that you need to know about the characteristics before having it. Usually, woman who are about to get their menarche has her breast to start to develop, or in other words, her breast becomes bigger. The breast buds will enlarge to form the primary breast. It also accompanied with the growth of hair in certain places such as the armpit and around the vaginal area. For more, there is also a peak velocity growth for the weight and height before girls getting menarche.

Menarche usually occurs about 18 months after girls have their maximum height increase. This phase then continue to the development of initiated prepubescene. This phase is characterized by the enlargement of clitoris and vulva.

Why girls have different time to experience menarche?

It is common that girls who are experiencing menarche may feel not normal. Moreover, if menarche occurs too fast before their friends, or too slow compared to their friends. Every woman can develop differently and it is common for girls to have irregular periods during the first two years after they have their menarche. The reason behind the different of time for experiencing menarche is because the different psychological and social development of every girl.

Result from a study

Commonly, girls experience menarche around the age of 12. However, it can happen anytime around the age of 8 up to15. The time when girls have menarche can vary from several factors. Two of them are because of the race and ethnicity. For example, the Latin and African-American girls experience their menarche around 12.1-12.2 years. Meanwhile, the Caucasian girls usually have their menarche around 12.6 years. A study reveals that the change of it can also be affected by nutrition having by children and adolescents.

Early maturation for girls usually associated with psychosocial disadvantage than they who have late maturation. It is most advantageous when having maturation at the average rate. However, there is no determined study, which observed about the relation between female maturation and the personality. At least, knowing about the characteristic and what is menarche are what you need to know.

What Is Menarche? Know About It and Its Characteristics

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