What is a host
What is a Host

What is a Host in Health Terms: Meaning and Definition

The following is an article about the explanation of what is a host understanding, meaning and definition based on the sources we have summarized.

Host Meaning

The host is organisms in which parasites live and get food.

What is a Host?

So, what exactly is the definition and the meaning of this word?

That’s right, as we have explained a little regarding the above understanding, this is (host); organisms in which parasites live and get food.

This is all also appropriate based on our inference which refers to the source of the Wikipedia Site.

Host Definition

In order to better understand the understanding and meaning of the word mentioned above, then we must also know what the definition of the Host is.

Of course, to know more about it, we certainly have to refer to the discussion from reliable sources, be it according to dictionaries or dictionaries of health and nursing terms or directly, according to experts and experts in this field.

Yes, you need to know that the definition itself is a limit (limit) or meaning.

It can also be interpreted by a phrase, word or a sentence that describes and tells about a description, meaning, or the main characteristic of something, be it an object, process, or activity or a person.


How is it clear enough, isn’t it? Well, so based on the discussion and explanation of the article above, we can conclude that the Host is organisms in which parasites live and obtain food.

A dictionary is an alphabetical list of words and their meanings, it helps you as a user to search for understanding, meaning and definition to gain a better understanding of the word, a better understanding of the language or field as a whole.

In the field of health, health term dictionaries are most often used to check the spelling of users, and sometimes to find the meaning of words, synonyms, and antonyms.

Wrap Up

That’s what we can say in this article, where we discuss about.

Hopefully, what we have shared here can be useful for visitors and readers of the Ministry of Health website, especially in learning related to medicine, nursing and midwifery.

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