What does your natural lip color say about you?
What does your natural lip color say about you?

What does your natural lip color say about you?

Blushing red lips are women’s desires. However the lips too red without using lipstick can be a sign of health problems. What does your natural lip color say about you?

Each person has a natural color of the lips. Anyone have the lips natural color with pink, red, or even a little blackish colored. If the actual note, our lip color will be changed every day because it is affected by the health condition in the body. Well, here it is a couple of lip color that could be an indication of health conditions in our body.

What does your natural lip color say about you?

  • Bright red lips.

Bright red lips denote the liver and spleen are not functioning properly. The owner of the lips with this hue is also compelled to eat more and have a problem of bad breath.

  • Purplish or greenish colored lips

If the lips visible purplish or greenish colored, usually due to cold weather. But if your lips remain  greenish and purplish colored even though the weather was not cold, respiratory or heart disorders beware.

  • Black and dark red lips

Black and dark red lips are usually owned by smokers. If you’re not a smoker, this lip color indication occurs breathing disorder. Overcome with the consumption of fiber and drink warm water.

  • Pale White Lips.

Pale White Lips are usually seen in people who are sick. If the color of our lips turned into a pale white, then that mark our bodies are experiencing anemia. Anemia is a condition of the body when we have a shortage of red blood cells. If you come across a lip color turn into a pale white, then you can eat the foods that contain a lot of iron, such as broccoli, red meat, and beans.

White-pale lips can also be the indication of a disorder in the digestive system. Usually this symptom coupled with the hands and feet, which change temperature became cooler. When experiencing this symptom, it’s good you eat the foods that can warm the belly, like a pumpkin soup, bacon, or mangoes.

Appear purple or red lines on the lips signifies an imbalance of body temperature. Avoid spicy foods and foods that have been processed previously. Keep in mind that a healthy lip is pink or rose pink.

Thank you very much for reading What does your natural lip color say about you, hopefully useful.

Last Updated on August 17, 2018 Reviewed by Market Health Beauty Team

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