What causes someone to fart too much
What causes someone to fart too much (Image: Wikimedia)

What causes someone to fart too much

What causes someone to fart too much
What causes someone to fart too much (Image: Wikimedia)

The average person farts about 14 times a day. If more than that could mean something else is the cause.

What causes someone to fart too much?

Here are a few things that make someone fart too much.

1. Consumption of broccoli and cauliflower

Steamed broccoli is a healthy food rich in vitamins and nutrients, but may cause you to fart too much. Vegetables are the most frequent cause someone to fart too much include broccoli, cauliflower, kale, or cabbage.


Although vegetables can cause flatulence does not mean you should avoid it. Should be accompanied by the intake of food that can prevent the formation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract. Natural ingredients such as ginger and celery can help.

2. Have a lactose intolerant

Cheese is one of the delicious food. If after eating cheese can causes someone to fart too much because his body is unable to digest dairy products.

About 65 percent of adults are naturally lactose intolerance. It is a form of rejection of lactose, usually found in milk or other dairy products. The digestive system of the patient is not able to digest or absorb lactose into the body.

Make sure you do have lactose intolerance. So by getting rid of the cheese and milk and other dairy products could make better digestion.

3. The particular food allergies

A person can fart too much for specific food allergies. Studies from the National Institutes of Health says people sensitive to gluten show characteristics such as bloating and fart too much, compared to those who took the placebo.

In addition, one can also stomach gas because of high fructose consumption are natural sugars found in fruit – especially if the person has a fructose malabsorption.

If indeed experience this try FODMAP diet is a diet that cut the intake of vegetables, broccoli and cabbage, then cut the intake of processed meat, flour and foods containing gluten.

4. Stress uncontrollable

Ever felt to fart too much before presentations or other important things? Yes, stress can make people fart too much. When people are nervous can affect physical symptoms.

We recommend that you to consult with your doctor to find the cause. If it does not, consult with a psychologist so that you are able to manage stress.

What causes someone to fart too much

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