The health problems most feared by the global community are diseases that have been considered eradicated then reappear, such as Polio disease. Here are The Polio Eradication Program and Strategies

Meningitis is an inflammation of the brain and spinal membranes caused by viral or bacterial infections. To minimize viral or bacterial infections causing meningitis, administering meningitis vaccines need to be performed. Here are The Meningococcal Vaccine Types, Who Needs It, and Side Effects

There are still many parents who are worried about giving vaccines to their children for hearing the risk of Vaccines Cause Autism. But until now there has been no scientific evidence supporting the statement. Here are The Controversies Research

The influenza vaccine is a vaccine that is able to protect you from flu disease. Influenza vaccines should be administered once a year because despite being a mild illness, the flu may pose a major problem for some people. Here are The Influenza Vaccine Benefits, How It Works, and Side Effects

Children are required to perform DTP vaccines. Probably most of you do not know what is a DTP vaccine. DTP vaccine is a combined vaccine that is beneficial to prevent the three diseases at once, namely diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis disease. Here are The DTP Vaccine Indication, Schedule, Dosage, Interaction, Contraindications, and Side Effects