Diabetes Insipidus is a fairly rare condition, with symptoms always feeling thirsty and at the same time often urinating in very much. If very severe, the sufferer can excrete urine as much as 20 liters a day. Here are The Diabetes Insipidus Causes, Risk factors, and Symptoms

So far, most people suspect that the cause of diabetes is mostly consumed sugar. In fact, diabetes is a fairly complicated disease. The cause can be a lot, not just too much sugar. Yes, it turns out that there are many daily habits and conditions, that may be without you knowing the causes of diabetes. Here are The Causes of Diabetes That Must Be Known and Watch Out For

Type 2 Diabetes is the condition in which the blood sugar levels exceed the normal value. The high levels of blood sugar because the body does not use the insulin hormone normally. The hormone insulin itself is a hormone that helps sugar (glucose) get into the body’s cells to be converted into energy. Here are The Causes, Risk Factors, Beginning Symptoms, and Diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes