The Venus Factor: 4 Components of Weight Loss Program for Women

The Venus Factor: A Weight Loss Program for WomenThe Venus Factor has gotten more attention from more women lately. It is a weight loss program that is exclusively designed for women based on the female metabolism system.

It is true that female and male metabolism system are different. This explains why the same weight loss program produces a different result in men and women. This fact actually implies that women need a weight loss program that is suitable with their metabolic system. And, a weight loss program for women that is being discussed here is the answer.

How Does the Venus Factor Work?

Basically, the program is a body transformation program for women only. It contains 2 different parts in which the first part focuses on fat loss while the second part focuses on muscle building.

The combination of the two parts is intended to create an hourglass shape. Actually, the split program is perfect because building muscles while trying to lose weight is somehow undoable. It is certainly difficult to build muscle while your intake of calorie is very low. By focusing on one part at a time, The Venus Factor gives a more realistic result than other weight loss programs.

The Venus Factor: A Weight Loss Program for Women
If you haven’t heard of this program, I suggest you watch this video first. It reveals

The Components of the Venus Factor

There are 4 components of the weight loss system.

PDF Manual

The first is PDF Manual. This contains Nutritional Guidelines and Workout Guidelines. Nutritional guidelines provide information about food menu, the rate of weight loss, meal plans and calories. Workout guidelines explain all exercises and workouts.

This manual can be printed out or read out on any device. Meaning to say, you can learn about the program anytime from anywhere.

Online Videos

The second is online videos. The videos demonstrate more than 130 exercises. Users can watch the videos to help them implementing the exercises correctly.

Software help

The third is software help. This virtual nutritionist is able to calculate calories accurately.

Social Community

The last is a social community. This online forum allows users to connect with other users and share experiences about The Venus Factor.

The Venus Factor: A Weight Loss Program for Women

Pros and Cons about the Venus Factor

There are 3 strengths of the program; they are easy to follow, no extreme calorie counting and no expensive equipment. Users do not need to spend lots of time, energy and money to be able to follow the regiment. However, because the system is designed to create an hourglass shape, it is not meant for women who just want to lose a few pounds. In other words, The Venus Factor is a weight loss program for women who seriously want to sculpt their body.

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The Venus Factor: 4 Components of Weight Loss Program for Women

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