Spasm is a term that refers to the sudden, strong, tense activity of the muscles. Spasm in the field of medicine is often used to show the muscle contractions that […]

Almost everyone has ever suffered a sprained ankle at some time in their lives. Sprained ankle occurs when ligaments (the hard connective tissue that connect bones) of the foot injury. […]

For those of you interested in the sport of football and diligently follow the news about the football stars must have been familiar with the word “pulled hamstring” or “hamstring […]

Running is an easy activity other than cycling. In addition, running is a sport that is affordable in terms of cost. You don’t need a lot of tools to be […]

Achilles tendonitis is one tendonitis disease that can affect anyone, both men and women at any age, but the disease usually occurs in athletes or those who have an active […]

Burns is one of the types of injuries that often occur in the home. The first proper handling will affect the long healing and scarring. Causes burns are common in […]