Symptoms of lupus in women
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13 Symptoms Of Lupus In Women

Definition and Symptoms Of Lupus In Women – Although lupus is a disease that can affect all genders, but 90 percent of lupus patients are women. Worse, lupus disease affects many women who are in productive times.

Head of the Division of Rheumatology and Lupus Center at NYU Langone Health, dr. Jill Buyon said that lupus is an incurable autoimmune disease and no cure has been found. To recognize it, here are the various symptoms of lupus.

In lupus disease, the immune system is mistaken. In people with lupus disease, the immune system cannot tell which foreign “invaders” are from outside and which tissues are healthy. As a result, antibodies that are supposed to be created to fight disease-causing germs instead attack and destroy healthy tissue in the body.

The condition ultimately causes inflammation, pain, and damage in different parts of the body. Inflammation caused by lupus can usually affect the body’s system, including skin, joints, kidneys, blood cells, brain, heart, and lungs.

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Symptoms Of Lupus In Women

Muscle and joint pain

Muscle and joint pain in lupus sufferers will rise, especially in the morning when waking up. You can also feel swelling of the joints as well as stiffness in the joints. The most commonly painful parts are knuckles, fingers, neck, thighs, shoulders, arms, and wrists.


Fever is of the Symptoms Of Lupus In Women. Fevers over 38°C are usually experienced by people with lupus. In these symptoms are often caused by inflammation or infection.

Rash on The Face like a Butterfly

This one symptom is the first lupus symptom that is most easily detected in the air people. Usually symptoms appear in the form of a rash on the skin of the face like a butterfly. The rash appears to extend from the nasal bone to the sides of the right and left cheeks to the jawbone. Therefore, this rash is called butterfly rash.

Hair loss

Hair loss or thinning of hair is also one of the characteristics of lupus disease. The condition itself is caused by inflammation in the scalp and it can cause baldness and wounds on the head. So if ladies have this condition, be sure to check your thyroid immediately with a doctor.

Chest pain

Lupus that occurs in women usually triggers inflammation of the heart. It can also lead to shortness of breath, sharp chest pain, impaired blood flow, and an increased risk of heart disease.

Lung problems

Another symptom of lupus is inflammation of the pulmonary system. The lungs tend to have inflammation and it can extend to the blood vessels of the lungs. The condition can cause chest pain while breathing.


Ladies, it turns out that fatigue is also one of the characteristics of Lupus disease. This is because Lupus is a disease that can cause disorders in blood cells. For example, white blood cells that are too low and platelets that are too low that can cause anemia or fatigue.

Inflammation of the kidneys

People with lupus experience renal inflammation problems. Inflammation will make it difficult for the kidneys to filter out toxins and waste from the blood.

Gastrointestinal problems

Some people with lupus can experience heartburn, stomach acid rise, or other types of gastrointestinal problems. If you experience it often, you need to keep a portion of the meal, avoid some types of drinks, such as coffee, etc.

Weight loss suddenly

Weight loss without any obvious cause is also one of the characteristics. This occurs because the immune system affects certain hormones and thyroid so that the weight drops.

Wounds in the mouth

The characteristics of this lupus disease appear at the beginning. Unlike mouth sores in normal, this mouth wound does not cause pain and will usually be visible on the lips, inner cheeks, palate, and gums.

Mental health issues

The central nervous system of the sufferer of this disease will be disturbed. This will then lead to excessive anxiety, fear, confusion for no reason, and depression.

Bloody urination and water retention

Kidney problems can be serious when the disease strikes women. Because, a person can have a bad kidney, but does not know the condition. This kidney problem can lead to water retention.

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