Supplements to lower blood pressure
Supplements To Lower Blood Pressure

9 Supplements To Lower Blood Pressure

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Supplements To Lower Blood Pressure – If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, it does not mean you should take prescription medications continuously. Proper nutrition, accompanied by dietary changes for a decrease in blood pressure and lifestyle changes, can make your condition more stable. You may also need a high blood-lowering vitamin supplement In addition to medications from a physician.

Supplements To Lower Blood Pressure

Here are Supplements To Lower Blood Pressure:


Potassium is one of a number of high blood-lowering minerals and vitamins. This Mineral helps balance the amount of sodium (from salt) in the body so that the heart and blood pressure remain restrained.

Some conditions may make you deficient in potassium. For example, excessive consumption of salt, prolonged diarrhea or vomiting, and diuretic substances or cortisone medications such as alco**hol, coffee, and sugar.

People with digestive disorders may also have low potassium levels. Supplemental potassium is not considered toxic when consumed with high doses, except in certain individuals with kidney problems that prevent excess excretion.

If you want to benefit from potassium, please consume 500 to 1,000 mg of potassium every day for eight weeks. In one study, blood pressure dropped 10 numbers of more than 40 percent of the research participants. The best source of potassium is bananas and citrus fruits.

However, you can also get potassium from the following foods:

  • Cantaloupe
  • Green vegetables
  • Potato
  • Tomato
  • Watercress
  • Grain
  • Mint leaves.

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Fish oil.

This is a food ingredient that is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which can reduce triglyceride levels. Recent studies have even found that fish oil can lower your blood pressure.


The fact that garlic can make all the food more delicious is commonplace. In addition, a recent study succeeded in proving that garlic can not only lower blood pressure but can prevent plaque buildup in the arteries as well as lowering the risk of blood clotting.

Green Tea.

The goodness of green tea to fight cancer is one of the benefits of this drink. Amazingly, a recent study successfully proved that green tea is also very good for the heart because it lowers LDL cholesterol.

Fish liver oil supplements or coenzyme Q-10.

The above extract supplement serves to support cardiac function so that the heart condition remains optimal despite hypertension.


Ginger is known as a high blood herbal remedy because it can help control blood pressure by improving blood circulation and loosen the muscles around the blood vessels. You can add fresh ginger slices to a number of your favorite soup or noodle recipes. Alternatively, you can add a piece of ginger into the warm tea for a snacking of afternoon time.


This Mineral has good benefits for decreasing high blood pressure, especially in elderly men. In fact, from 615 people examined in one experiment, those who consume this mineral more in their diet have consistently lower blood pressure.

Researchers now feel that a 500 mg daily of magnesium may be needed only to replace what the body release through sweat, stress, excess alco**hol consumption, diuretics, sugar, and normal body functions. Good natural sources of magnesium include:

  • Fresh Green Vegetables
  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Apple
  • Nuts and grains are rich in oil

Since regular diet generally does not provide enough magnesium intake, you may need magnesium supplementation, especially if you have high blood pressure. The recommended magnesium for high blood pressure is 500 mg per day.


Cinnamon is another kitchen spice that can lower your blood pressure tension. Consuming cinnamon every day has been shown to lower blood pressure in diabetics. Include cinnamon in your dining menu by sprinkling cinnamon powder on breakfast cereals, oatmeal, and even in your coffee.

Vitamin E and iron.

Supplements to lower blood pressure - vitamin e

Vitamin E and iron can be one of the high blood-lowering intake. The reason is that iron helps to improve the ability of blood oxygen carriers. While the vitamin E helps the heart use oxygen to muscles more efficiently, and both relieve the heart’s workload.

Initially a high dose of vitamin E can increase blood pressure for a while. Experts recommend supplementing Form D-alpha tocopheryl acetate vitamin E in dosages ranging from 200-1,600 IU per day. People with heart problems or blood circulation should start with a smaller dose.

Recommendations for use of 50 to 100 IU per day, are gradually increased up to high doses for several weeks. Vitamin E can be a high blood-lowering vitamin that can be drunk together with or after meals.

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