Slow wound healing causes
Slow wound healing causes

Slow wound healing causes

Almost everyone must have experienced unpleasant things when the body is wounded and bleeding. When it happens we can see how the body is slowly repairing wounds to finally heal again. But if you look carefully, the speed of the wound to heal can vary and this is influenced by various factors.  Here are slow wound healing causes.

Slow wound healing causes

  • The infection.

The skin is the first defense wall belonging to the body to protect itself from the attack of bacteria. When the skin is broken due to the cuts then the bacteria from the outside can get into the body causing infection so as inhibit healing. An infected wound had the characteristic of the surrounding skin is red, swollen, painful, pus and appears with a foul smell.

  • Less nutrition.

Do you eat enough fruit and vegetables? Vitamins in it can help the body to repair wounds faster especially vitamins A and C.
In addition to vitamins, the body also need sufficient protein intake as raw material to repair wounds. This can be achieved due to the amino acids could have the role of regenerate damaged cells.

  • Diabetes.

Due to high blood sugar in people with diabetes, the wound may take longer to recover fully. This is because high blood sugar had a negative impact on the circulation of blood and the immune system. In addition, people with diabetes can also suffer nerve damage and make themselves hard to feel the pain. Because not feel the pain so not know if there’s something that hurt their body to lead to more injuries.

  • The influence of the drug.

Sometimes the side effects of the drugs could be the cause of why the wounds in the body longer to recovered. For example chemotherapy drugs and radiotherapy can impair the immune system which have an impact on the process of wound healing. Antibiotic drugs can kill the good bacteria so that the risk of infection in the wound can be increased. Anti-inflammatory drugs could also disrupt the inflammation that is required in the process of wound healing.

  • Bad blood circulation.

How to get rid of scars basically because the role of red blood carries what is needed to grow new cells. Therefore, when someone has a bad blood circulation in the area of the wound area then the healing process will also be longer. Conditions such as diabetes, artery blockage, blood clotting, and obesity can be a bad cause of the blood circulation.

  • Skin Ulcers.

Skin ulcer or called wet eczema is a wound that is caused by excess pressure. For example when someone can’t get out of bed for a long time then there will be pressure on the part of the body that are in contact with the mattress. These pressures can lead to the appearance of the wound with particular severity. When the wound is still mild it can heal by itself, but when it is severe, medical treatment is required.

  • Drinking alco**hol.

Alco**hol consumption can also slow down the healing of wounds. The reason is because people who often drink can reduce white blood cells that fight infection. Because of the minimal white blood cells then the risk of infection will increase significantly.

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Slow wound healing causes

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