Benefits of different meditations

Six merits of meditations

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Meditation is defined as a technique that is used all over the world for the purpose of relaxation and consciousness. Most of the people confuse meditation with a religious practice or ritual which is indeed not the case, in actual it is a scientific art that is followed by some specific techniques to activate the brain cells and make the person experience a center of consciousness within. Meditation requires full internal focus and concentration so your mind as a whole can witness the benefits of meditation without any distractions. A deep meditations results can be stated in terms of a mind without agitation.  Extensive research is carried on the subject of meditation, and many of them came to a conclusion that it is very empowering both for the mind and regulation of emotions in the brain.  Meditation is an inner journey of hurtfulness and peace that gives you an opportunity to discover yourself and spend some quality time with your inner self.  The meditation works on the principle of making you focus and live in the present by stop worrying over about the future and things that happened in the past. Meditation can also be stated as a type of psychotherapy that aims to free the individual from the clutches of internal preoccupation and to make him concentrate on making his present. The benefits of meditation can be best summarized in the words of Buddha. Buddha was asked: “What have you gained from meditation?” He replied: “Nothing.” “However,” Buddha said, “let me tell you what I lost: Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity, Fear of Old Age and Death.” Enlisted in this article are the six benefits of meditations that would help you concentrate and lead a balanced life free of worries.

  1. Helpful for drug and alcohol abuse:

Research conducted on different types of meditation concluded that Transcendental Meditation practice effectively reduces both substance abuse problems and antisocial behavior. Meditation can offer relief to the individuals who are working hard to get rid of drug and alcohol addiction and plays the role of an effective supplement treatment followed by proper medical treatment. The techniques of meditation relax the brain center known as the amygdala. This relaxation counters your craving for the use of drugs or drinking alcohol.

  1. Meditation is more effective than morphine:

The regular use of painkillers reduces your natural immunity to fight with diseases and can weaken your body parts. Medical research has found that regular meditation reduces the pain intensity by approximately forty percent, whereas morphine’s ability to reduce pain is only twenty-five percent. Meditation plays an effective role in decreasing the unpleasant feelings followed by the pain and casts a positive potential impact on the immune system making you less vulnerable to the use of painkillers.  Therefore, it is better to meditate once a week than to spend money on purchasing painkillers.

  1. It improves concentration and helps in multitasking:

The third benefit of meditation can be stated in terms of its ability to make the individual concentrate and help in the management of multi-tasks in the workplace. The regular meditation helps you to cope with your present in a much better way by empowering you to ignore the distractions. The energy provided by the meditation boost both your mental and emotional concentration, and this helps you manage to multitask and climb the performance ladder to impress your boss.

  1. Meditation encourages creativity and decision making

One of the top most benefits of meditation is its ability to induce creativity in the practicing individuals. The regular meditation enables you to think out of the box and come up with more rational and divergent ideas that may prove to be beneficial for your company. It is proved that the people who are exposed to deep and long meditation hours have folded cortex, which empowers the brain to effectively manage and process information than the people who do not meditate.  Moreover, the scientists are of the view that folding of the cortex is responsible for empowering the brain to make rational decisions, retaining memories and improving attention.

Merits of meditation
Merits Of Meditation
  1. Meditation reduces blood pressure, thereby reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes:

Many diseases are associated with the increase in blood pressure such as heart attack, strokes that can be countered by the use of meditation. As already stated above that meditation works on the principle of relaxation. This relaxation response results in the formation of nitric oxide in a larger quantity that is effective for the opening of blood vessels to keep the blood pressure normal.

  1. Meditation can help to counter stress genes:

The regular sessions of meditation can do wonders for you in case you are suffering from stress and anxiety disorder. The research has shown that energy metabolism and insulin secretion genes were heightened after one session of mindfulness meditation, while inflammatory response and stress genes were suppressed. Deep meditation is powerful enough to reduce the probability of stress and disease.

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