Silk pillowcase benefits
Silk Pillowcase Benefits

Silk Pillowcase Benefits

If during your beauty ritual before bed only as brushing your teeth and applying night cream, experts in the field of beauty agree that you may be forgetting one of the main criteria of beauty sleep i.e. Silk Pillowcase! When people think of silk they tend to think of elegance and visual appeal. Silk is more expensive than other fabric blends, but also all natural and it really promotes great sleep. Here are silk pillowcase benefits.

Silk Pillowcase Benefits

Reduces Skin Problems.
Researchers at the University of Bologna has conducted research into silk pillowcases how to help patients with atopic dermatitis, a chronic inflammatory skin disease that has become widely over the last few decades. Published in the British Journal of Dermatology, studies find that cotton is an irritant for those suffering from the disease because the fibers are short, rough and the way they move across the skin. While the Silk has many fine fibers makes a little friction and soothe skin conditions. Silk is a great benefit as reducing the amount of abrasion on the skin by helping the overall skin health.

Keep the humidity of the skin.
In fact, a pillow with a sheath that covers it is the most intimate objects touching your skin at least six to eight hours a day as long as you sleep. A study proved that when the contact is quite long, the cotton fabric commonly used for pillowcases in general potentially erodes the natural humidity that is needed by your skin. Instead, the Silk material will not only feels cool on the skin’s surface, but also prevents it from dehydration so that topical products that you apply to the face before bed also became more effectively absorbed.

Beautify the hair.
If you sleep on your back, the friction of cotton fibers is rough not only potentially making the hair is getting dry, but can also lead to hair chapped and branching if used in the long term. The solution, try silk pillowcase so that natural hair oil does not continue to be eroded while sleeping on it. As a bonus, your blow-dry results long last until the next morning!

Prevent fine lines and wrinkles.
It seemed, sleep every night and let the face attached to the cotton gloved pillow is also one of the causes of the appearance of fine lines on the face! Instead, Silk Pillow-making the appearance of wrinkles can also delay because the elasticity of the skin is always awake.

Reduce The Aging Process.
How to put our face on the pillow while we sleep can affect the amount that can develop wrinkles. Because cotton pillowcase harsher on our skin, they can pull delicate skin, especially around the eye area when we move. Silk pillowcase can really help with anti-aging. Do you ever find yourself waking up when the wrinkles on your face? Well, this is a cotton pillowcase causes your skin to deepen the wrinkles. Switching to silk and you will dramatically reduce the facial folds and against the line.

The silk also contains natural proteins and 18 essential amino acids. Research has shown that amino acids can fight the effects of aging, especially in facial skin and may help calm the nervous system. This also means that natural ingredients help accelerate the metabolism of skin cells because it helps reduce aging further.

Due to its soft and natural, some silk pillowcase material contain antifungal and immune to dust or other allergens so that substances capable of preventing the occurrence of irritation.

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