Secrets of Papaya
Secrets of Papaya

8 Secrets Of Papaya

The Secrets Of Papaya  – Everybody surely knows about papaya fruit. This tropical fruit is also called Kates in East Java, Indonesia. Papaya has a lot of vitamins, such as A, C, E, and some Enzymes, which are very helpful to maintain your health. However, Papaya fruit has many secrets that will shock you for sure. What are those?

The Secrets Of Papaya

Skin Face

Make your skin healthy and bright is one of the secrets of papaya.

Vitamin E and C are the main actors to make your skin healthy and bright. The antioxidants contained in vitamin E will clear dark marks upon your face. Vitamin E will increase the regeneration of skin tissues which are good for removing dark marks. On the other hand, vitamin C will make your skin brighter than before.

The method to use papaya fruit for skin health is very simple. First things first, you have to slice papaya fruit into small pieces. After that, crush them with a mixer or conventional tools until smooth. Then mix it with 2 teaspoons of pristine honey.

The next step is rubbing the mixture on your face and keep it up for approximately 20 minutes. The final step is washing your face with warm water. Do it regularly three times per week in order to get an absolute result and feel the difference. It is great, isn’t it?

Prevent the Free Radical

Do you all know that free radical is the main cause of dangerous diseases such as cancer, early aging, and heart disease? Yes, that is the fact. But do not worry, if you consume papaya fruit every day, you can decrease and also prevent free radical inside your body system. Because antioxidants contained on papaya fruit will destroy the free radical. Awesome!


Vitamin A is also contained in papaya fruit which is the important factor in order to keep the condition of your eyesight. Vitamin A will build the pigment of your eyes and maintain the condition of your retina’s eyes. If you consume papaya fruit every day, then the risk of eye disease will surely decrease. Is that awesome?

Digestion system

Papaya fruit also contains lots of enzymes that are very important for digestion system of your body. Hence, the enzymes will unload the sediment feces and bad fat. So this fruit is the great choice for people who want to do healthy diets.

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Hair skin

Do you all have the problem with your hair skin? No worries, with the spectacular papaya fruit, your problem will vanish for good.

The method to use papaya fruit as hair health also very simple. First of all, slice and crush papaya fruit with a knife and mixer or conventional tools until smooth. Then rub it on your hair skin, and hold it for 10 minutes. Do it regularly every day and feel the difference.

Curing Influenza Illness

Papaya leaves also can be used to cure influenza illness. First, take 2 leaves of papaya fruit and wash it until clean. Then crush them using clean smasher. After that, mix them with warm clean water and 2 teaspoons of salt. Drink it twice per day for children, and four times per day for older people.

Papaya contains vitamins A, B, C, and E as well as various minerals.

Examples of minerals in papaya include potassium and calcium. Potassium is a useful component to help heart health and stabilize blood pressure.

Support the body’s metabolism and destroy fat

In young papaya, there are papain enzymes. The number of papain enzymes in young papaya is five times more than the papain enzyme in ripe papaya. This papain enzyme helps to support the body’s metabolism and destroy fat. However, young papaya is not recommended to be consumed by pregnant women because it can negatively affect the health of the fetus.

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8 Secrets Of Papaya

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