Safe way to cook instant noodles
Safe way to cook instant noodles

Safe way to cook instant noodles

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Safe way to cook instant noodles – Learn how to cook a healthy instant noodle and keep it safely consumed with removing the content of MSG. There are dangers lurking if we cook instant noodles in a way that is not true.

Instant noodles contain Monosodium glutamate (MSG), which can damage the brain. People who consume too much instant noodles will suffer the symptoms of headache, numbness in certain parts of the body also prolonged tingling.

Therefore MSG should be eliminated in advance if you wish to eat instant noodles. Then how do we eat instant noodles so that the harmful content of MSG was gone?

Safe way to cook instant noodles

Dispose of the first boiled water of the instant noodles.

Why? This is because when boiling instant noodles, the preservative substances content dissolves into the water. With the throw it away and replace with a new hot water (for boiled noodles) then the preservative substances would not consume.

Don’t use seasonings that were already in the noodle package.

Safe way to cook instant noodles - don't use seasonings that were already in the noodle package
Don’T Use Seasonings That Were Already In The Noodle Package Is One Of The Safe Way To Cook Instant Noodles

Every instant noodles have different seasoning. This Small sachet seasoning of instant noodles contains MSG. We recommend that you make your own seasoning with natural ingredients. It’s easy, give it a bit of salt, garlic, onion, pepper, and coriander that already mashed. It would be much more healthy than eating instant noodles with the seasoning.

Mix with vegetables.

In fact, in packs of instant noodles always displayed clearly there is a variety of vegetables, meat and eggs as a compliment. Sometimes consumers will disregard it. However, it is highly recommended if we wanted to cook instant noodles always include vegetables, meat and eggs. Add vegetable, meat, or eggs will complement the nutrition that does not exist in the instant noodles. So the instant noodles that we eat can deliver more benefits to the body other than the sense of satiety.

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