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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or commonly abbreviated as ADHD is one of the common behavioral disorders occurring in children. About 10% of school-age children experience ADHD. However, this disorder seems to be difficult to understand. Not infrequently, people consider ADHD equal to autism. In fact, both are different things. Then, What’s the difference between ADHD Vs autism?

The influenza vaccine is a vaccine that is able to protect you from flu disease. Influenza vaccines should be administered once a year because despite being a mild illness, the flu may pose a major problem for some people. Here are The Influenza Vaccine Benefits, How It Works, and Side Effects

In the midst of daily activities, we often miss a variety of important nutrients that can support the health of the body. Therefore, a variety of supplements with the various benefits we need. As with zinc, which, if without it, the performance of the body will have problems. Here are The Zinc Supplements Types, and Benefits