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Skin tags are known as acrochorda occurring on different parts of your body. Skin tags are small and soft. They are painless and harmless most of the time and regarded […]

A black eye is caused by a blow to your face. It can lead to blurry vision, pain, headaches and swelling. A black eye can be seen as a sort […]

For a dog owner, there’s hardly anything scarier than hearing that their pet is suffering from cancer. It’s one of the hardest things your pet could go through and dealing […]

Blemishes are a common health problem appearing as dark spots or skin discoloration. They are usually caused by the breakouts of acne. Hormonal imbalance, poor diet, genetics, aging or sun […]

A lot of people are struggling with weight loss. It takes dedication to accomplish it and the hardest part is usually to change your life and establish a new routine […]