Overweight pregnancy
Overweight Pregnancy

Overweight Pregnancy: 8 Risks, Precautions, and How To keep A Healthy Pregnancy Even Though Overweight?

When pregnant, women will experience weight gain. This is normal because women’s bodies adjusts itself to sustain fetal growth in the womb.

However, if yo is experiencing excessive weight gain, you may wonder how much weight it should be reduced.

Before losing weight when you are pregnant, check in advance a safe and healthy way to lose weight. Excessive weight gain is not good, but the wrong diet is also dangerous for babies and mother.

Overweight Pregnancy Risk

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in America states that pregnant women who experience excess weight gain have almost the same risk as someone who has high blood pressure, diabetes, smo**kers, or alco**holics.

According to the CDC, on November 2015, 47% of American mothers who experienced excessive weight gain while pregnant have a risk of health problems during pregnancy as well as after.

In women with normal BMI, which is between 18.5-22,9, weight gain when pregnant is recommended about 11-15 kg. While in women who are already overweight with BMI above 25, it is recommended that the weight when pregnant only increases by 6-11 kg. This is because pregnant women who are overweight or obese are susceptible to experiencing health disorders and pregnancy complications.

Here are some of the health risks that can occur due to excess weight during pregnancy:

Gestational Diabetes

Excess weight or overweight pregnancy can increase the risk of gestational diabetes, which often continues to be type 2 diabetes later. In addition, gestational diabetes can also increase the likelihood of pregnant women should give birth with caesarean surgery.

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Increases the risk of obesity and diabetes in children.

Drastic weight gain when pregnant can alter the genes of the developing baby in controlling appetite, the body’s metabolism in the digesting of fats and carbohydrates, as well as insulin metabolism.

ULTRASOUND results are less accurate.

If the mother is overweight and has too much body fat, the doctor will have trouble seeing the mother’s baby’s condition. This includes detecting if there is a problem with the fetus during pregnancy.


Miscarriage is one of the risks of overweight pregnancy. Women who have excess body weight will be vulnerable to miscarriage. Such events will occur at the time of pregnancy is less than 20 weeks.

Avoid eating too much to avoid obesity while pregnant. Often some mothers believe the myth that pregnant women should eat doubling to meet the fetus intake. This needs to be straightened, because pregnant women should be given adequate and healthy intake.


The next risk of obesity in the pregnancy is preeclampsia. This condition is a complication characterized by high blood pressure or hypertension during pregnancy, signs of kidney damage indicated by an increase in levels of protein in urine.

In pregnant women, preeclampsia can cause swelling of the legs and hands that result in the flow of blood to the fetus. It can be fatal to the fetus in the womb.

Premature births

Premature birth, more risky to occur in overweight mothers during pregnancy. One of them is due to preeclampsia.

Congenital abnormalities in infants

Infants born from obese mothers are more at risk of congenital abnormalities, such as malformations in the spinal cord (spina bifida) and congenital heart disease. Not only that, the fetus is also more risky to die in the womb or stillbirth.

Macrosomia in Infants

Obesity during pregnancy can also increase the risk of pregnant women giving birth to babies born with excess body weight (macrosomia). The size of a baby that is too large will increase the risk of injury during childbirth, for example, babies get stuck in a birth canal or the mother is bleeding.

Precautions for overweight pregnancy

Follow a diet program under doctor supervision

If you want to undergo a diet while pregnant for fear of obesity, you should do so with the supervision of a physician. The Doctor may refer to a nutritionist to suggest the best for the mother.

Avoid eating foods that contain excessive calories

Foods that contain excessive calories, such as fast food, soda, sweets, and others that are instant should be avoided in order to avoid being overweight during pregnancy.

It is better to eat a balanced diet and contain better nutrients than to eat fast foods that contain a lot of saturated fats.

Eat vegetables and fruit during pregnancy can avoid obesity.

Don’t do excessive exercise

Exercises are well done while pregnant. However, excessive exercise for pregnant women can instead trigger the occurrence of obesity.

Do the exercise accordingly and stop when the body starts to get tired.

How to keep a healthy pregnancy even though overweight?

Overweight pregnancy - keep healthy
Overweight Pregnancy: 8 Risks, Precautions, and How To keep A Healthy Pregnancy Even Though Overweight? 2

The main thing that can prevent a pregnant woman who has excessive body weight experiencing various pregnancy disorders is to make a healthy lifestyle, regular eating, choosing a healthy food, and doing exercises on a regular basis.

Do a healthy diet.

Choosing, planning, and arranging food to be eaten is the best way to implement healthy living. If you often feel hungry, it’s better for your meal schedule to become more frequent. For example, in a day you can divide your meal time into 6 meals. But still with the same calorie needs in a day, only the division of time and the meal portions are different. If necessary, discuss your diet plan with a nutritionist.

Regular exercise.

Some mothers who are pregnant are afraid of exercises because they think the exercise has a bad impact on the baby in the womb. Thus, regular exercise can help maintain the health of mothers and fetuses that are growing. You can do a light exercise, but done on a regular basis, such as walking leisurely, swimming, gardening, yoga, or even jogging. While the exercise to be avoided first during pregnancy is cycling, or other activities that cause excessive fatigue.

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