Natural hair tips
Natural hair tips (Pic: pixabay)

Natural Hair Tips

Throughout monsoons, the amount of humidity increases a lot it plays havoc for the hair! But don’t lose your heart. Look at this article below that informs you about some proper hair care tips from character to maintain your hair healthy and lustrous.

Natural hair tips
Natural hair tips (Pic: pixabay)

To create shine and luster for your broken hair, mix amla, curd and shikakai powder together and condition hair with this particular mixture two times each day. Wash it out conditioner completely.

To safeguard hair from daily damage, add curd, lemon with mustard oil. Lightly apply this mix in your hair after which clean it completely after half an hour.

Add couple of hibiscus leaves to glass water. Take it to some boil on medium flame. Sieve and allow it to awesome lower. Add fresh lemon juice and blend well. Affect your tresses lightly by leaving it for a while. Clean completely with water and shampoo.

For herbal proper hair care, prepare a combination of 100gm amla, 100gm shikakai, 20gm anaarchhika, 10gm brahmi bootu, 10gm bhringraj and gm shilajit. Soak them overnight within an iron utensil. Following day, blend them after which apply on them your scalp. Let it rest for just two hrs after which clean them back with tepid to warm water.

You’d be glad to understand that oil made by boiling dry bit of amla in coconut oil is really a hair tonic for enriching hair regrowth and prevents hair thinning.

In case your locks are too oily, then choose a lavender or lemon based shampoo. In case your locks are dry in character, use tea tree oil or rosemary oil oil based shampoo.

To eliminate dry skin out of your scalp in herbal way, take advantage of dry peels of lemon and oranges. These products may also keep the hair soft and smooth in a good way.

Another effective herbal method to eliminate dry skin is as simple as using fine paste of fenugreek seed products powder over scalp. Let it rest for 30 minutes. Rinse completely.

Use of henna boiled with mustard oil works well for healthy hair growth within an herbal way.

To deal with grey hair problem, add walnut juice with henna. Include 1 teaspoon eucalyptus oil and blend well. Apply this paste into hair and eliminate grey hair in herbal way.

Boil onion peels in cup water. Add glycerin. Use the decoction to hair. Clean hair after half an hour. It is really an effective remedy to pay for your grey hair

Natural Hair Tips

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