Nasal spray
Nasal Spray

Nasal Spray Uses, and 3 Advantages of Nasal Spray Powder

Stuffy nose is very annoying. It can interfere with your daily activities. If you experience it, you can use a nasal spray that contains oxymetazoline to relieve discomfort in the nose caused by the symptoms of influenza and allergies.

Nasal congestion can be accompanied by discharge of mucus / nasal fluid, or it can also not. Nasal congestion occurs when the tissues inside the nose and surrounding areas, including blood vessels, become swollen due to inflammation with excessive production of mucus fluid.

Nasal Spray Uses

Nasal congestion is generally caused by some things, such as respiratory infections, flu, sinusitis, allergies, or nasal polyps.

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Everyone can experience nasal congestion, both children and older persons. To solve this, you can use a nasal spray remedy. Although still not quite often heard, nasal spray medications are very effective to overcome nasal congestion.

Typically, nasal spray medications contain oxymetazoline, which can relieve discomfort in the nose, such as nasal congestion caused by colds, allergies, infections, and sinusitis. The way this spray drug works is by narrowing the blood vessels in the nasal tract.

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The drug works quickly and lasts long enough, so it only needs to be used 2 times a day. In addition to the effect can be felt faster than a taking drug, a nasal spray that contains oxymetazoline has another advantage is that it does not cause drowsiness. Therefore, it can be used even while it is working.

Nevertheless, as with other drugs, nasal spray medications also have side effects, although the risks are more minimal and less common. Immediately stop using the drug and consult a doctor if there is a great sore and stinging sensation in the nose after using this medication, or a severe headache.

Nasal Spray Powder

Consciously or not, every day you are easily exposed to dust and pollution, even indoors. From a report from the WHO (World Health Organization), dirty air is at risk of detrimental to human health.

One way of protecting the respiratory tract from dust is to use a nasal spray powder or a nose spray powder.

You should know, the benefits of a nasal spray powder are different from a liquid nasal spray. Here are some advantages of nasal spray powder that you need to know.

The advantages of nasal spray powder compared to liquid or solution form

Pollution in the room is not less dangerous with the pollution that is outside the room. In addition to preventing by cleaning the dust in the house regularly, you also need to do other precautions.

Nasal Spray actually has long been used for treatment such as relieving allergic symptoms or preventing the flu. However, there is a new nasal spray in the powder that is beneficial to help protect the nasal cavity so that air pollution does not enter the respiratory tract.

In addition, a scientific article lists the advantages of nasal spray in powder form.

More stable and does not require preservatives

First, the mixture of the content in the nasal spray in the form of powder is more stable and does not require preservatives.

Easier to stick to the surface of the nasal cavity

Then, the powder tends to be easier to stick to the surface of the nasal cavity before dissolving and then cleaned. Moreover, there are substances that can increase the absorption of content in the nasal spray.

Nasal cavity protector

In another study published in 2017 also found the benefits of nasal spray powder. Methyl-cellulose content in the nasal spray powder can serve as a protector of the nasal cavity.

Consequently, you can reduce the symptoms of respiratory distress caused by air that is contaminated by pollution, dust, or viruses.

Moreover, with the current COVID-19 pandemic conditions that require you to do activities and work in the home, indoor air quality should be noted.

Indoor pollution appears when your room or home does not have enough air vents. In addition, unconsciously, dust also appears from the sofas, carpet, or mattress. Pollutants (pollution-causing compounds) can accumulate to a degree that can harm the health of the person exposed by it.

The impact of indoor pollution can be directly or recently felt at a later date. Therefore, you also need to consider using a nasal spray powder despite spending more time at home.

Last longer to protect the nasal cavity

Thus, the nasal spray powder has an advantage that will certainly not be found on the type of liquid nasal spray. The content benefits in it can last longer to protect the nasal cavity, especially from dust, for 6-8 hours.

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