Morgellons cured with antifungal
Morgellons Cured with Antifungal

Morgellons Cured with Antifungal – 4 Things You Should Know

Morgellons cured with antifungal, you may have heard this statement somewhere. Or, someone told you about how to treat this condition. But, is it true? As we all know, Morgellons is still one of the unknown conditions in the medical world. The research is still being conducted right now. The result has not been published yet. However, it is not stopping us from learning more about this condition. So, when you or someone that you know got it, you know what you have to do. Let’s start!

What is Morgellons Disease?

Yes, we called the Morgellons condition a disease because it has a physical effect on your body. It is the condition where a person that suffers from it feels something crawling and stinging under their skin. In many cases, this condition also appears with the fiber-like form on the skin-infected area. A person with that condition will feel burning or itching in this area. This fiber also comes from the skin with a slow-healing process from the skin sore condition.

Even though the description can explain what this condition is, Morgellons disease is still considered to be controversial in the medical world. The scientist said that it is only a psychological condition. On the other hand, some scientists claim it was caused by the infection by microorganisms or fungi. Those were the original of the opinion antifungal for curing and treating Morgellons disease.

What causes Morgellons Disease?

Currently, no information states the exact cause of Morgellons disease. In some cases, people use a similar method to treat Lyme disease. At least 98% of Morgellons patients also show the symptoms of Lyme disease, such as fatigue, joint pain, and neuropathy. Because of this condition, many scientists associate Lyme disease with Morgellons disease. In some of the research, they hypothetically stated that Lyme disease is the one that causes Morgellons disease to occur in a person.

How about bacteria or fungi that are said to be the cause of Morgellons disease? There is still a split opinion about this matter. First of all, research in 2016 stated that this condition is caused by infection of microorganism, which is called Borrelia burgdorferi. Then, the research that will be published in a science journal in 2019 stated that this condition is caused by a mental disorder. They even call it a hallucination.

Treatment for Morgellons Disease

How to treat Morgellons disease? Without the exact cause of this disease, treatment could be one of the most challenging to get. Therefore, if you think that Morgellons cured with antifungal, you shouldn’t get the medicine. Like always, you have to visit the doctor and ask for the best treatment you can get.

In most cases, your doctor will diagnose it with two different results. The first one is the mental health issue. If your doctor believes that your condition is caused by that matter, you will get a recommendation to take therapy or psychiatric medications.

Many people who have Morgellons disease also experience depression and anxiety. Therefore, this mental health treatment could also be useful for treating that condition. Who knows? Maybe, you can get an even better life after receiving the treatment and don’t have to worry anymore about this disease.

On the other hand, your doctor also can diagnose that your Morgellons disease is caused by infection. Mostly happen because of the wound or Lyme disease. If that is what you got, you will get a recommendation to take antibiotics, ointments, or other medication that can reduce the symptoms of Morgellons disease.

Because you can get two types of treatment, some research also recommends you to take a holistic approach to treat your Morgellons disease. This type of treatment allows you to get medical and mental treatment at the same time. The recovery rate with this treatment also seems to be higher than other methods.

However, we recommend you consult with your doctor before taking any holistic treatment. Try to find the doctor that can listen to your concerns and problems. Create a good and long relationship with that doctor, so you can get continuous treatment when the symptoms occur in the future.

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How to get morgellons out of hair

Many people also experience Morgellons disease symptoms on their hair. Maybe, the correct area where this symptom occurs is their scalp. But, mostly, they call it the hair Morgellons. If it happens, you don’t have to worry. Other than the treatment methods that we mentioned above, you also can use another method. So, how to get Morgellons out of hair? The answer is essential oil.

As we all know, Morgellons disease can occur because of anxiety or sores in our body. Therefore, by using the essential oil that has relaxing properties, we can at least reduce the symptoms of this disease. The best chance, you can even remove all the disease symptoms and cure them.

What you should do with essential oil is, practically, similar to when you use it for relieving your stress. It is the scalp massage. Use the essential oils diluted in a carrier or pure oil of your choice. Then, gently massage the scalp where you feel the symptoms. Use a circular motion to create a soothing effect.

This treatment will help you to reduce the Morgellons disease symptoms and promote hair growth and health. It promotes blood flows and removes toxins from the skin cells. The circular motion also releases your tension and stress.

As for the types of essential oils you can use, there are at least four of them. They are:

  • Peppermint Essential Oil – it cools your skin, reduces skin redness, and heal inflammation,
  • Rosemary Essential Oil – it has strong anti-inflammatory properties,
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil – deal with bacteria,
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil – refreshing and has mood-elevating properties.


Morgellons disease can give you so much trouble. So, we hope this article helps you to know more about this disease and how to treat it. As for the Morgellons cured with antifungal, we believe that it is only a myth. It could be dangerous for your health. We suggest you avoid using antifungal and apply the treatment we explained above.

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