Lightning strike
Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike: 2 Negative Effects, and How To Avoid It

When it rains, it often appears lightning strikes. In the subtropical countries, it occurs in dry summers, such as in Australia.

This should be wary of, if not, the lightning strike can strike us while it is on the move.

Lightning occurs due to the potential differences between clouds and the surface of the Earth or even fellow clouds. The potential difference between the huge positive and negative charge accumulates in the cloud forms a big power electric current that forces out of the cloud through aerial media that raises flashes along with the sound of thunder called Lightning.

Negative effects of lightning strike

For human

For a human, danger from lightning strike will affect heart rate, so it stops immediately. Other hazards can occur in the outer body organs.

For buildings and trees

The danger of lightning strikes for buildings and trees can lead to flames and burning.

In addition, a lightning strike can cause mechanical damage to buildings and trees, such as split trees.

Generally, lightning strikes result in fires.

How To Avoid Lightning Strike

Here are Tips how to avoid lightning strikes

Being in a closed room

When lightning strikes, it is best to dodge and find a closed place to take cover.. The safest place for shelter from lightning is the closed building or car.

The house remains the safest choice for shelter when lightning rain occurs. Because, the case of people being struck by lightning when inside the house is less common than when people are outside the house.

Avoid touching metal

Although it has been sheltered in the closed areas, avoid coming into the metal when lightning rain occurs. In the room, the doors are made of metal, and windows, when there is rain with lightning.

Likewise, if the water pipes in the house use iron pipes. It is good to avoid tap area. But, nowadays most of the water flowing into the houses already use PVC plastic pipes, so it is safer to do activities related to water in the house.

Even when in the car, should avoid contact with metal parts that can conduct electricity.

Disconnect The Electrity

It is good for any electronic equipment such as cable phones, cable TV, computers, and any electrical devices connected to disconnect.

However, mobile devices that are not directly connected to electricity at home, are still safe to use.

Do not be shaded under trees

There are still many who think the shade under the tree becomes a safe place when it rains. In fact, the tree is one of the lightning delivery targets because of its height. If you’re in the middle of a forest, select the lowest tree.

Away from the water

How to avoid lightning strike
Lightning Strike: 2 Negative Effects, and How To Avoid It 2

It is not advisable to swim when the rain and lightning, immediately out of the water area because the electric current can flow through the water. Other activities related to water also need to avoid such as bathing, washing, soaking, etc. Wait until the rain stops or until the lightning no longer popping.

Set the distance with the people around.

If you go in groups braving the rain, try to scatter or set the distance from each other. Gathering in the rain can provoke the lightning energy channeling.

Using footwear

The next tips How to avoid lightning is to use footwear. Get used to always wear rubber footwear during heavy rains and lightning strikes, besides being able to make you comfortable, it can also reduce the risk of lightning strikes.

The reason is that soil and water are also sources of electrical conduction that is easy to hit by lightning strikes. So by using rubber footwear, you will avoid the danger of getting hit by lightning strikes.

Away from tall buildings

Lightning tends to strike the height objects, including high size buildings. Therefore, when it rains, always try to avoid tall buildings.

If this is not avoided, then the risk of lightning strikes is quite high. A person who is hit by a lightning strike has a bad effect for health, such as damage to the nervous system, vision impairments can even burn, to lose life.

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