L glutathione benefits
L Glutathione Benefits (Illustration/wikimedia)

L Glutathione Benefits

Humans need antioxidants to ward off free radicals from outside that may harm the body and damage the structure of the skin cells. One type of antioxidant that is famous as the mother of all antioxidants is L glutathione. The number of benefits of L Glutathione to the body, making it the title.

Until now, experts have not been able to find other compounds that are able to rival the performance of L glutathione. This substance is a tripeptide protein containing three main amino acids, namely L-Glutamic Acid, L-Cysteine and L-Glycine which naturally already exist in all cells of the human body.

L Glutathione production is influenced by the role of enzymes as a precursor. These compounds are synthesized in the body cell. With increasing age, the production of antioxidants is declining. Therefore, the more the age, the more health problems will be found due to the influence of free radical substances and pollutants. Various problems due to exposure to free radicals, among other substances, skin pigmentation, premature aging, cataracts, heart disease, cancer, allergies, acne, liver pain, diabetes, hypertension, hepatitis and others.

Because of the exposure to free radicals that are damaging and continuously, while the cells in the body’s lack of antioxidant, then the cells of the body can no longer afford to ward off free radicals. This makes the body susceptible to a disease that is degenerative in nature, such as cancer, diabetes, stroke and others. The case of the skin, exposure to free radicals are constantly will eventually damage the cell structure, so the skin will easily wrinkle and looks older than it should be.

L Glutathione Benefits

Here are the L Glutathione Benefits:

  • Maintain your immune system with its role in the formation of lymphocytes.
  • Detoxifying or neutralizing a variety of toxins that are present in the body.
  • Neutralize the side effects of drugs such as aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen and others.
  • Maintain skin health and beauty.
  • High content of antioxidants can counteract the effects of free radicals that cause acne black spots, dull skin and wrinkles.
  • The content of collagen contained in it can also give a positive effect to maintain suppleness and moisture to the skin.
  • Actively stimulates the formation of new cells.
  • One of Food that’s good for your liver.

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