Insulin and Potassium
Insulin and Potassium

Insulin and Potassium: What Makes Them Interesting and Useful?

Insulin and potassium. Those two words might confuse some people, especially if those people are an ignorant bunch refusing to learn more about diseases. Truth is, not many people understand what they are. While they may understand what the words really mean, not so many understand why they are often put side by side. I, as someone who likes it when people of all age learn something new, cannot let this cloud of ignorance be. This article of my creation here will serve as a guide for you people who do not know the connection between insulin and potassium and how they are useful and interesting for you body.

Without further ado, let us begin, shall we?

What is insulin?

But before we can understand the connection between the two, we need to first understand what is insulin. Insulin is a thing in our body that blocks glycogen, you may say. To put it simply, it blocks sugar so that your blood will not be filled with too many sugar. Too many sugar in your blood can ruin you, so insulin is like that wall that you need erected to stay healthy.

Got a problematic insulin? BOOM diabetes!

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What is potassium?

What is potassium, you ask me? Potassium is a substance that or body needs to be able to work well. It is the thing that can keep your cells hydrated. Having a meagre amount of potassium is necessary, but having too much of it can be deadly dangerous.

Potassium can be hailed as one of the factor that can help someone determine whether or not they got diabetes (the type 2 one, of course). Type 2 diabetes patients got lots of potassium within their body. Being a type 2 diabetes patient is bad, yes?

What is the correlation between insulin and potassium?

To make things simple, I am going to put insulin and potassium in a same level. Not many know that insulin is pretty much the only thing that can keep your potassium level from going haywire. Insulin is something that blocks potassium from becoming too much in our body. The pancreas acts like a potassium suppression system in which it will release insulin if the potassium level in our body is too high for our liking. If your body is in normal working condition, the insulin will regulate the potassium and put them where they belong (which is the cell). That is why insulin and potassium have been put on the same ground again and again by people who knows about them

Insulin and Potassium: What Makes Them Interesting and Useful?

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