How to shed years off your skin
How to Shed Years Off Your Skin

How to Shed Years Off Your Skin – Best Skin Treatments

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Some people have a fear of heights, others a terrified of spiders and then there are those whose biggest fear in life is becoming old, or more to the point, old-looking. With the stigma around cosmetic procedures being finally lifted, these non-invasive and highly effective treatments are now accessible to anyone. The best part is – most of the new and popular techniques are here to fix the bad reputation these procedures had had in the past as they aim towards giving you a look that is youthful but natural. Now you can actually achieve that glowing complexion and shed a few years without looking like a mannequin or Joan Rivers.  These new procedures are not only safer, but easier, cheaper, and require much less downtime than solutions past.

Glass-cutting cheekbones

Let’s admit, one of the most gorgeous features are high cheekbones that give the face plumpness and definition. Still, with age, they start to fade away as gravity takes over and starts dragging the skin down. Now, the old way was quite invasive and entailed going under the knife, but there is a new technique on the block and it’s called Juvederm Voluma XC. Essentially, this is a dermal filler that’s injected into the cheekbone area lifts the skin over your cheekbones, which naturally lessens the visibility of nasolabial folds, and pulls the skin of the lower eye taut. The best part is, it’s minimally invasive, and unlike implants (yuck) Voluma will never slip out of place, because the gel incorporates itself into the skin’s layers.

Acne scars, be gone!

Acne scars, be gone

While we’re aware that popping a pimple is not the road to a healthy skin, more often than not we simply can’t help ourselves. Of course, once acne scars start appearing, we regret our foolish actions. To make matters worse, popping acne only leads to the production of more acne, and you end up in a vicious blemish and scar circle. However, even if you’re treating your acne-prone skin improperly, there is a great technique called skin needling in Sydney that became widely popular among the Aussie ladies. More than relieving you of those awful acne scars, this procedure can also help with stretch marks as well as wrinkles. One stone – three birds.

Pesky raccoon eyes

One of the definite telltale signs of aging are the horrible dark circles and bags under the eyes that seem to become bigger and darker with the every new dawn. You may have given cucumber and other eye creams a try, but luckily, there finally seems to have appeared an ointment that is up to the task. It’s a molecule called XAF5, an ingredient of glaucoma medicine, that when applied as an ointment, sticks to fat cells under the skin and forces them to gradually release fatty acids. That makes the fat cells deflate like those sad helium balloons. When used regularly for three months each night, this ointment promises to salvage you from the bags and circles that torment you.

The souvenirs of fun in the sun

The souvenirs of fun in the sun copy

While you were too busy tanning yourself and being carefree, the sun had kept a close watch on your skin and you are just now receiving the gift. This gift is not something you would ever register for, and you certainly don’t want it – age spots. In the past, women would just make peace with this, accept the souvenir and purchase a foundation with the highest possible coverage to conceal the spots from the world. Well, thanks to a little thing called eMatrix, which is fractional resurfacing achieved by using radiofrequency energy, you don’t have to hide your face from the world anymore. It works by delivering radiofrequency (electrical) energy in a grid-like pattern below the skin’s surface, creating tiny skin injuries that promote collagen regeneration. You might experience a bit of redness after the treatment, but after that, you’ll look fresh as a daisy.

The aging telltale sign

It’s time to talk about the infamous and dreaded crow’s feet. They’re definitely one of the ultimate telltale signs of aging. One option you have is to never smile, laugh, cry or frown for the rest of your life, but if you give these life’s joys up, well, what’s left? In order to keep laughing like a child, and cry your eyes out whenever you feel like it while maintaining your glowing youthful glance, turn to a simple, minimally invasive procedure called microdermabrasion. The procedure entails “sanding” your skin with a special instrument in order to remove cells from the top layer of your skin and promote new cell growth and collagen production. “It uses tiny exfoliating crystals that are sprayed on the skin.” The procedure required no recovery time at all as it doesn’t irritate the skin, and it’s not even painful – just a tad uncomfortable. Say goodbye and good riddance to old-looking eyes, and welcome back the era of youth, all while maintaining a natural look, of course.

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