How to get rid of redness in acne overnight
How to get rid of redness in acne overnight

How to get rid of redness in acne overnight

Acne on the face is annoying, because it disturbed the appearance. (Read about How Does Acne Impact Self-Esteem?) When your face is spotty and want to get rid of it immediately, try some natural treatment that are effective at treating acne fast. Thus, what kind of natural treatments can reduce redness in acne? Check out the tips How to get rid of redness in acne overnight.

How to get rid of redness in acne overnight

Method 1: ice cubes.

How to get rid of acne are redness, the fastest way is by ice. Use the cloth to accommodate some ice and put it on the infected face.
Let stand for a few minutes. Repeat until the redness reduced. Make sure you don’t push too tight, because it can hurt acne and cause bacteria invade the section.

Method 2: eye drops.

Eye drops containing tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride, which can help eliminate the redness in pimples quickly. Put cotton that already moistened with eye drops in the freezer. Leave it on for a night. The next morning, put cotton in Acne for several minutes. When the eye drops liquid is absorbed into the skin, there will be a temporary constriction of blood vessels. This will make the redness of the pimple is reduced. If redness does not reduce, repeat the same procedure.

Way 3: aspirin.

Aspirin not only to treat headaches. Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which can reduce inflammation with peeling skin and redness are through narrowing of blood vessels. To address the redness of the pimple quickly, dividing the aspirin into half. Add the water. Then apply it on the pimples. Use plaster to protect them. Leave for 30 minutes.

Way 4: toothpaste with no mint, no flouride.

Toothpaste is one drug that is often referred to addressing the redness of the pimple. This works because toothpaste contains silica, which helps dry up the acne. However, you should not use toothpaste containing menthol or flouride. This material not only lead to irritation of the skin, but will also cause more severe acne.

Way 5: makeup.

You can also use makeup to hide the redness. It’s been a lot of cosmetics available which is non-greasy and non-blackheads.
Choose cosmetics made from minerals that use silica, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide because these materials do not irritate the skin. This material is also effectively removes oils from the skin and cover the redness.

If you use a concealer to disguise the redness, use green, because of the contrast with the red color on acne, make it look cryptic. Sprinkle the powder after using concealer to match the color of your skin. It will also prevent makeup from fading. Although the redness of the pimple can interfere your appearance, but it is not as bad as the wound left after acne.
Keep in mind, how to get rid of redness in acne overnight is not going to minimize the risk of the formation of acne scars, you need to treat acne as early as possible to prevent the occurrence of injuries.

Thank you very much for reading  How to get rid of redness in acne overnight, hopefully useful. You can also read about How To Cure Acne Fast, if methods above not work.

How to get rid of redness in acne overnight

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