How to get rid of mucus and phlegm naturally
How To Get Rid of Mucus and Phlegm Naturally

4 Ways How To Get Rid of Mucus and Phlegm Naturally

Discomfort due to excessive phlegm in the throat can indeed interfere with daily activities. However, there is no need to worry because there are several ways How To Get Rid of Mucus and Phlegm Naturally that you can try to do easily at home.

Phlegm is mucus produced by the throat to protect and clean the respiratory tract from foreign objects, such as cigarette smoke, dust, and mucus bacteria and viruses cause of disease.

Under certain conditions, such as when you get sick cough and cold, the production of phlegm in the throat may increase. This will then make the phlegm accumulate, even thickens, making it difficult to expel and making the throat feel uncomfortable.

How To Get Rid of Mucus and Phlegm Naturally

So that the throat is relieved again, there are several ways to remove phlegm naturally that you can try to do at home, including:

#1. Increase fluid consumption

The simplest way you can do to get rid of phlegm as well as relieve pain in the throat is drunk warm water.

However, in addition to water, a mixture of warm water with honey and lemon or ginger, fruit juices, and warm soups, can also be your choice to help thin and expel phlegm, so that the throat feels more relieved.

#2. Gargle with salt water

Salt has long been known as a natural antiseptic that is effective for killing germs, including those in the throat. Not only that, salt can also thin the phlegm to make it easier to expel.

To get the benefits of salt on this one, you can mix half a teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water. Then, stir and gargle until the saline solution hits the throat for 30-60 seconds,

You can rinse your mouth with salt water once every 2 days or until the throat feels relieved.

#3. Consumption of foods that are good for the respiratory tract

Several studies have shown that certain foodstuffs, such as garlic and liquorice or licorice has anti-inflammatory properties and is able to fight germs that cause infections in the respiratory tract, so it is good for consumption to remove phlegm from the throat.

Not only that, fruits and vegetables, such as oranges, tomatoes, guavas, carrots, and spinach, are rich in vitamins and minerals. An antioxidant, which can strengthen the immune system and accelerate the healing process of diseases of the throat, including: get rid of phlegm in the throat naturally.

#4. Breathe in warm steam

The next way that can be done to remove phlegm naturally is to inhale warm steam. You can do this by using a humidifier or using a humidifier, take a warm bath, or breathe using a towel that has been wrung out after been dipped in warm water.

In addition to some of the ways above, you are also advised to increase rest, quit smoking, avoid exposure to air pollution, and keep the air clean in the house so that the symptoms of respiratory disease that you are experiencing, including the presence of phlegm in the throat, are resolved more quickly.

If some of the ways How To Get Rid of Mucus and Phlegm Naturally above are less effective or you feel other complaints, such as phlegm getting thicker and discolored, fever, wheezing, chest pain, even shortness of breath, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor in order to receive appropriate treatment.

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