How To Get Fat
How To Get Fat

12 Healthy Ways How To Get Fat in 1 Week

Apparently not all girls want to look slim. Surely there are also among you who are reading this article, who want to know how to get fat. Some women are less comfortable with their skinny posture. There are even some who want to fatten the body because the skinny body is often a bully.

Well, if you’re more familiar with reading about how to lose weight, then what about those who want to know how to get fat quickly? Don’t worry, because in this article we will thoroughly analyze how to get fat.

Why want to know how to get fat?

Usually, those who want to get fat, can be triggered due to some of the following:

  • Weight loss below average.
  • People’s talk.
  • It’s hard to gain weight.

Why can not gain weight?

There are some main reasons why weight loss is unhealthy or inability to gain weight, namely:


This is especially the case in type 1 diabetes that can lead to very serious weight loss.

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Thyroid problems

If you have an overactive thyroid then it can cause your metabolism to run very quickly and produce extremely unhealthy weight loss.


There are thousands of infections, but some of these can result in serious weight loss, such as HIV/AIDS and TUBERCULOSIS.

Eating disorder

This is one of the most popular reasons for extreme weight loss in women. 

That’s just a few examples of why weight drops drastically. However, you should consult your doctor for a serious medical condition and find out what really happened.

Healthy Ways How To Get Fat.

Already know how to get fat quickly and naturally? Here’s how:

Add your meal portions, a powerful way to get fat.

Eating with a lot of portions is indeed a potent way to get fat. But it does not mean that you can eat recklessly, should keep the intake and nutritional value. The average daily calorie requirement for a man is 2200 calories, while women are 1900 calories. For example, you want to gain as much weight as 1/2 kilograms in a week, then you can increase your food with an additional 1000 calories per day.

The recommended food is healthy food with high carbohydrate, protein, and calorie content, such as wheat bread, meat, nuts, cheese, pure cow milk, avocado, potato, or peanut butter. Always avoid junk food, because this type of food contains lots of bad fats and cholesterol that is not very good for your body.

Drinking milk.

How To Get Fat in 1 Week

In addition to nourish the body, milk is also able to help get fat. However, please be aware that not all dairy types can fatten the body.

Choose full cream milk. Milk is much more effective for gaining weight than the high calcium milk and other types of milk.

In order to obtain effective results, we recommend drinking milk twice a day, which is after waking up and before bedtime.

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Chewing food

When the food in the mouth, get used to chewing food until smooth. It is important to help simplify your stomach performance.

Especially for foods that are difficult to digest like meat. The process of chewing food occurs only in the mouth because in addition to the mouth there is no more tooth elsewhere.

Other ways.

  • Want to get fat is easy, eat often.
  • Eating regularly is the key to all body building programs.
  • Consuming foods according to activity.
  • Consumption of egg whites.
  • Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses a day.
  • Rest enough.
  • Healthy sleep, healthy body.
  • Want to gain weight and being se**xy? Just do the exercise.
  • No smo**king.

Health Check.

If you’ve ever been fat and now skinny, you can try your health check.

If you are not experiencing any health problems or illnesses, then the way of getting fat within 1 week above can help you to quickly get fat.

Keep in mind, everyone does have their own body character. There are people who eat a little bit can be obese but there are also those who eat a lot still difficult to get fat.

The obese body is influenced by several factors, namely genetic, food, and body conditions.

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All these factors should support each other to get fat in a short time or within a week. Good luck.

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12 Healthy Ways How To Get Fat in 1 Week

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