How to decrease appetite
How To Decrease Appetite

How To Decrease Appetite? Every Trick You’ll Ever Need!

If you’re anything like me then you’re constantly battling hunger! I mean hungry all the time… Like always hungry.

Again, if you’re like me then you’re forever on a quest to lose some weight. However, the thought of being even more hungry all the time is unfathomable. There’s no way you’ll be able to sustain a new diet if you’re forever feeling hungry. It’s unrealistic, full stop.
So, what’s the solution? Just be fat for the rest of your life? Well, that’s an option, of course. But what if I told you that you could easily decrease your appetite AND lose weight…

Now you’re listening.

Below I’ve compiled a list of all the foods, drinks, supplements and techniques you can add to your diet & lifestyle to ensure you’re feeling fuller for longer!

How To Decrease Appetite?

How to suppress appetite
How to suppress appetite

Ask 5 different dieticians or healthcare professionals for their top tips on how to decrease appetite and I bet you’ll get 5 completely different answers. There are so many methods, supplements and superfoods out there that can help kill the cravings. I’ve spent months trawling through the web results to compile the ultimate document so you don’t have to!
Take a look at the information below and try some of the methods out for yourself.


This may seem a weird one, but practicing ‘mindful eating’ has become some sort of craze lately. Dieticians across the globe are emphasizing the importance of thinking about and truly enjoying your meals.
Way too many of us (myself included) just force food down our throats without thinking about what we’re consuming. Watching TV or scrolling through Facebook while eating is a big no-no according to recent studies. If you want to stop yourself snacking post meal, then you should try to always practice these 2 simple techniques;

1) Put your fork down between each bite.
2) Eat your meal sitting at a table.

Practicing these techniques will help your body and mind to focus on your food and the calories you’re consuming. This will stop you from overeating!

Smaller Plates, Bigger Cutlery

Really? You honestly think that eating from a tiny plate with a huge fork will suppress my appetite? You obviously don’t know me like I thought you did…
^ Believe me, I thought it sounded ridiculous at first too!
However, using smaller dinnerware will statistically help you to subconsciously reduce your portion sizes by a significant amount!
A tiny change like this could make a big change to your waistline – don’t write it off.


I’m not so sure about this one myself… but research shows that both aerobic and resistance exercise can reduce hunger hormone levels, while increasing feelings of fullness.

More Quality Sleep

Sleep too much loss of appetite

It’s no secret that quality sleep is essential to a healthy mind and a healthy body. Finding the time to consistently get 7 hours of quality sleep per night is easier said than done, but doing so will reduce your hunger levels throughout the day and stop you overeating.

Adding These Drinks To Your Diet

  1. Coffee:
Decaf coffee appetite suppressant

Drinking coffee can help boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite. Coffee’s secret?… Caffeine! As well as its many other antioxidants.

  1. Water: Drinking water just before meals can make you feel fuller sooner and prevent you from overeating. You will statistically eat less at a meal if you’ve filled up on water beforehand!
  1. Ginger:

Drinking a cup of fresh ginger tea (not ginger ale!) will energize your body, improve your digestion and in turn leave you feeling less hungry!

Adding These Foods To Your Diet

  1. Fiber-Rich Foods: Aside from the fiber’s additional benefits, fiber consumption stretches the stomach, slows its emptying rate and influences the release of fullness hormones!
  1. Spicy Foods:

Not only do chili contain compounds which help to decrease hunger, they also allow you to burn calories due to the way in which they generate heat.

*Top Tip

  1. Glucomannan: Derived from Southeast Asia’s famed konjac super plant, Glucomannan is a dietary fiber with a long history of use in herbal remedies and traditional foods, but it has recently gained considerable attention as an effective weight-loss supplement!


Those are my top tips on suppressing appetite and staying fuller for longer.
If you only picked up 1 technique, drink or food from the above list that helps curb your appetite then I’ve done my job!

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