How to cure snoring
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9 Ways on How To Cure Snoring

Snoring has serious health risks like sleep apnea (stopping of breath while sleeping) so you need to attempt to resolve it, or consult this condition with the doctor when your families claimed to hear Your snoring all night.

How To Cure Snoring?

Here are some natural ways that you can do to treat snoring.

Proper sleep position.

Avoid sleeping on your back position, lying on the right side or left side or side sleeping can avoid tongue cover the back of your throat, which can block breathing.

Elevate The Pillows

The next way How To Cure Snoring is elevate the pillows.

The goal to use this way is to keep your respiratory tract awake so that the tongue is not pushed to the back of the throat and clog your breathing. But in raising the pillow, don’t be too high, because the pillow position is too high can cause the airline to be closed and you will remain snoring.

Take a shower before bed.

Bathing with warm water before going to bed, will help open nasal passages.

Drink water before bedtime

The next way How To Cure Snoring is drink water before bedtime.

The problem of dry throat can cause you or your spouse to become snoring. Therefore, so that the throat is not dry, it is better to drink water before bedtime. It is intended to keep you hydrated and the throat always moist, especially if you do like sleeping in very cold conditions that allow your throat to become dry.

Avoid allergy triggers.

Replace the sheets and pillowcases at least once a week can reduce dust mites in the bed. Keep pets so that they cannot get into the bedroom, can also prevent you from developing allergies who eventually aggravate snoring.

Reduce inflammation.

Inflammation can narrow the airway in the throat and nasal cavity. Herbal ingredients like turmeric and ginger are good to consume.

There are a few effective ways to control snoring. How to know the causes of snoring. Whether related to a disorder in the mouth, nose, or tongue? To find out which type of snore, there are several tests that can be done. Each type has its own way to reduce snoring.

Snoring Through the Nose.

Close one of the nostrils. With the mouth closed, inhale from the nose open. If you’re still breathing difficulties, try tackling the nostrils open. If so it is easier to breathe, then open or block the nostrils can solve Your snoring problem. Try on both nose.

To cure it could be using a decongestant that is inhaled. Good used about 15 minutes before going to bed. These drugs can be bought in pharmacies. It could also use a nasal dilation or tools to hold the nose open. Other than in pharmacies, this tool can already be purchased via the online store.

Snoring Through The Mouth.

Open your mouth and make a snoring sound, and then close your mouth and try to make the sound of snoring. If you can only snore with the mouth open, then you are among those who breathe with the mouth. Sleeping with your mouth closed will stop your snoring.

This type of snoring can be cured by using essential oils. Spray the oil in the throat. Oil containing herbal substances will tighten the soft tissues in the mouth.

Snoring Through The Tongue.

Stick out your tongue as far as possible and then flops in between the teeth. Try making the sound of snoring. If the position that snoring is reduced, you’re including the tongue snorer. This was due to the lack of pressure on the tongue and surrounding tissue.

The tool can reposition the lower jaw forward about 5 mm will help to cure this type of snoring. Tools to help position the jaw can already be bought at drug stores. But there are other ways that can be done, by singing. Singing can put pressure on the network of the tongue, mouth and throat. This kind of exercise can reduce this type of snoring.

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