How to cure pleurisy
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How To Cure Pleurisy

Pleuritis is an inflammation that occurs in the pleura. The pleura is the membrane attached to the lungs and rib cage which serves to separate the two organs. Both pleural membrane sheets are equipped by the layer of fluid which helps reduce friction when we breathe. When inflammation occurs, the liquid layer becomes sticky and pleural membrane surfaces become rough, so pain symptoms arise when breathing.

How To Cure Pleurisy

Pleuritis treatment tailored to the underlying conditions. If it is caused by a virus, usually drugs are not needed and pleuritis will heal by itself within a few days with enough rest. If pleuritis caused by bacteria, then antibiotics’ treatment series is recommended. Antibiotics can be given in the form of oral, injection, or a combination of different types of antibiotic, depending upon the severity of the symptoms. Sometimes a doctor will refer the patient to the hospital if there are symptoms that are considered severe.

For handling pain in the chest, the doctor will prescribe a pain reliever. The drug generally prescribed are derived from nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, one of this is ibuprofen.

Giving other pain reliever such as codeine or paracetamol, doctors will be given if ibuprofen do not match or do not successfully handle the pain. Codeine can be given in the form of cough syrup to deal with a painful cough symptoms.

It may sound strange, but lying sideways on the side of the chest pain might help reduce the pain.

Another option that you can be take to cure pleuritis is natural therapy with traditional herbal medicine for pleuritis. This traditional therapy will be effective especially in the case of pleurisy which has not reached the final stage.

Thus, the explanation of how to cure pleuritis. Hopefully the explanation above can add your insights and useful for all of us. The information provided is not a substitute for medical advice. ALWAYS consult Your doctor.

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