How to cure hiccups
How to Cure Hiccups (Illustration: Pixabay)

9 Easy Tips – How to Cure Hiccups in Babies

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How to cure hiccups in babies? Though trivial, hiccups are common in babies. The annoying voice that often makes the baby looks difficult breathing. Although not dangerous, you’ll want to immediately stop the hiccups that occur in infants. Then How to cure hiccups in babies?

Hiccups occur when the diaphragm pulls air into the body and release it quickly. However, when this process occurs, the closed vocal cords causing the sound that we know with hiccups. Although not known for sure, a few things can cause the onset of hiccups in babies, which are eating too much or too quickly, laughing with his mouth wide open, to feel too excited.

How to Cure Hiccups in Babies?

Some of the ways that you can do to cure hiccups in babies, are:


For babies aged under six months who are still breastfeeding, breast milk is the best way to cure hiccups. Or for babies who have started to eat, give it water also can be done. Give the water slowly so that baby does not choke.

Give breast milk and let the baby burp

Breastfeeding can be one way to cope with your baby hiccups. The breastfeeding movement can help your child’s diaphragm become more relaxed and stop the hiccups. After breastfeeding, you can let the baby burp make space for the air that is trapped in the stomach of the baby. Well, the air is the same as the baby hiccup factor.

Make it burps.

With a burp, then the air from inside the stomach of the baby can be removed, so that the circulation of oxygen in the body of the baby becomes smoother.

Provide respite.

When hiccups occur when the baby is being breastfed, then stop for a while, then burp. After a lull, you just can breastfeed your baby.

Hiccups in babies is not something that is dangerous and not to worry about. Very normal hiccups occur in anyone, including babies. In ways, hiccups can soon be overcome. However, if a hiccup happens in a long period of time and failed to take off, you should be immediately checked your baby to the doctor. Hiccups in the long term are often associated with a disturbance in the diaphragm or organs in the abdomen. By consulting your doctor, you will know what happened and how to cure it.

Adjust baby’s position

How to cure hiccups in babies

After breastfeeding and burping, it’s time to set the baby’s position. Hold and set the baby’s position in an upright standing condition, it is able to carry on. You can also gently pat the baby’s back. It aims to help the gas on the stomach to rise.

Change a breastfeeding position

When breastfeeding often the air also enters into the mouth of the baby, this is what causes the hiccups. How to cope with the hiccups in newborns, one of them by changing the feeding position.

After improving the feeding position, the infant is expected to no longer air intake in conjunction with breast milk. If the hiccups still occur, temporarily stop the breastfeeding, because it is likely that the baby will choke accordingly.

Hug The Baby

The simplest way of overcoming the hiccups on the newborn is to hug it. Hugging baby is able to give peace when their tiny body has to undergo a slightly distracting hiccup. Usually in a few minutes, infants will stop hiccups and return under normal circumstances.

Holding The baby

Hold the baby in an upright position for approximately 20 minutes, then gently shake the body or gently rub the back.

Tilt the bottle

Try to tilt the bottle with an angle of 45 degrees while breastfeeding so that the air in the bottle rises to the bottom of the bottle.

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