How to cure bell's palsy
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How To Cure Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s palsy is a paralysis or weakness on one side of the muscles in the face that is temporary. This condition causes one side of the face will look “sag”. Bell’s palsy is more common in pregnant women, diabetics, and HIV.

The damaged nerves in the face will have an impact to the senses of taste and the way your body produces tears and saliva. Bell’s palsy came suddenly and generally these conditions will improve within a matter of weeks.

In most cases of Bell’s palsy, paralysis on one side of the face can be recovered completely. If you experience paralysis on one side of the face, immediately visit a doctor to understand the conditions that occur at the same time getting the right medical handling.

How To Cure Bell’s Palsy

If there is someone experienced facial paralysis unexpected, it is immediately taken to the hospital section of the emergency departments. According to studies, the treatment of Bell’s palsy will be very effective if done within the first 3 days after initial symptoms appear.

Despite the special treatment, usually without a case of Bell’s palsy can be recovered completely. The treatment is done usually needed to speed up the healing process and prevent the emergence of complications due to Bell’s palsy.

Bell’s palsy can recover fully on 70 percent of the patients who experienced it. Most people suffering from Bell’s palsy, the symptoms began to improve after two to three weeks. But to be able to recover fully will take about nine months. A long period of recovery depends on the degree of nerve damage suffered.

Here are some of the treatment and the handling is done for Bell’s palsy:

To reduce the swelling that occurs on the facial nerve, Prednisolone or prednisone (a corticosteroid drug group) can be used. Whereas, in order to prevent the emergence of problems in the eye that can’t close, you may need the medicine drops to the eyes. As for closing the eyes, you need insolation.

Prednisolone is highly recommended as treatment of Bell’s palsy is most effective. This medication should be given 72 hours since the initial symptoms appear. This medication will be prescribed for 10 days and consumed twice a day.

Up to now, the role of antiviral drugs is still debate. However, the doctor will probably prescribe an antivirus or antivirus combined with prednisone in patients with severe facial nerve weakness.

Physiotherapists will teach you some exercises that can strengthen the muscles of the face. This is done to improve coordination and range of motion. This procedure is very helpful in cases of Bell’s palsy, although not everyone complies with these procedures.

Botox Injections.
Especially in people with Bell’s palsy by chronic or long-term, Botox injection can be given to treat the affected or not affected face. This serves to relax the facial muscles are tightened or reducing unwanted muscle movement. This also serves to balance the facial movements, overcoming the perceived discomfort when eating, and enhance the appearance of the face as a whole. Botox injection generally needs to be repeated every four months.

Relaxation techniques and acupuncture are said to be able to help accelerate recovery from Bell’s palsy condition and restore function of the facial nerve.

Plastic surgery.
The surgeon will help overcome weakness or paralysis of your face. Although the operating procedures can not restore nerve function as before, but can protect and improve the appearance of the face, as well as improve the function of the face of the weak. A plastic surgery procedure performed to repair the eyelid function, fix the position of the mouth, helped in talk, eat, and drink, as well as improve balance face shape.

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