How to cure baby acne
How To Cure Baby Acne (Illustration/pixabay)

How To Cure Baby Acne

A mother will definitely feel anxious if they see the face of a newborn affected by acne. Acne is not only experienced by teenagers as a cause of acne while menstruating, but babies can also experience acne. Baby acne or acne neonatorum is the condition of the emergence of pimples on a newborn. About 20% of the newborn is approximately 2-4 week experiencing acne. This condition can occur when the baby is feeling the heat, the experience irritation due to exposed to saliva, clothes are washed with detergent, spit up, or a rough cloth.

Baby acne is acne that grows on the skin of a newborn. Baby acne usually grows on the face of the baby mainly on the cheeks, nose and forehead. Baby acne is both normal and temporary.

How To Cure Baby Acne

Baby acne usually disappears on its own within three to four months without treatment. However, if you feel worried, please consult a doctor.

Because baby acne disappears on its own within a few months, then there is no medical treatment is recommended. In some cases, there may just be a baby acne never recovered after many months, this is believed to be a sign that your child will experience acne problems at a time when teenagers later. If it is so, it’s good to see your doctor. The doctor will recommend some sort of cream or other treatments to tackle acne on your baby. Never give drugs (oral and brand) to your baby before your visit to the doctor. Some products to smooth face will damage the sensitive baby’s skin.

There are several ways to cure baby acne, so that it does not become more severe:

Keep your baby’s skin clean – therefore Wash baby’s skin with soap mild formulas. If acne appears, change the soap with the cotton balls are dipped into warm water and then over to baby’s skin. Cotton ball it could clean up the pores of the skin of a baby and no irritation because do not contain chemicals.

Dry the baby’s face gently. Try to keep baby’s skin in a dry condition.

Avoid using baby creams – do not use the baby oil, lotion on parts that can cause breakouts because the pores are clogged baby. When another baby body parts do not experience acne, you can wipe the area.

Improve diet for breastfeeding mothers – Sometimes there are some nursing mothers who reported to doctors that her baby is exposed acne after feedings.

Keep the baby so as not to scratch her/his face – you can put on a smooth glove in your baby so that acne is not scratched because it will cause a serious infection.

Prevent moist areas – Immediately pat dry the affected baby face or spit up saliva at the time of the baby’s feedings as well as at the time of eating. Humid in areas of the face can trigger acne. Use a base when breastfeeding so that his/her clothes were not wet from saliva or spit up so as not to aggravate acne.

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