How to cure a stomach virus
How To Cure A Stomach Virus (Illustration/pixnio)

8 Tips – How To Cure A Stomach Virus

How To Cure A Stomach Virus – Stomach Virus is an infection that occurs in the intestines or stomach caused by some type of virus. This condition is also known as the Gastroenteritis, or stomach flu. This infection causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and sometimes fever.

Stomach virus is spread through close contact with people who are already infected, or by consuming food and/or drinks are contaminated. This infection spreads easily in a closed public facility, such as in the classroom, child care and general maintenance.

The stomach virus rarely causes complications in people who are healthy overall body condition, and the sufferer will generally recover fully. But, the condition is potentially fatal and even deadly if it happens in infants, the elderly, and people who have problems with their immune system.

How To Cure A Stomach Virus

The main goal of stomach virus treatment is to prevent dehydration by consuming lots of water. You may need to be hospitalized to be given intravenous fluids if the case is severe dehydration experienced.

Oral rehydration therapy can be given to aid rehydration. These drugs contain electrolytes and minerals needed by the body. ORS can be purchased at drug stores or pharmacies are free, but be sure to follow the instructions written on the packaging. Ask your doctor or pharmacist to find out more about the rules of life.

Antibiotic drugs will not have any effect on the virus that has already infected. Do not give aspirin to children or teenagers who are ill due to virus infection.

Here are some steps that you can do yourself to help cure stomach virus:

Rest or Lying down.

You will probably feel tired or weak, then we recommend that you use more time to rest. Lying down and/or curl up in the fetal position can feel more comfortable when you experience stomach virus.

Drinking more fluids.

If the difficulty of drinking water, use a straw. Avoid consuming juices because it can increase the symptoms of diarrhea.

Calm your stomach with ginger or peppermint tea.

Peppermint relieves spasms in the stomach that causes vomiting and soothes the digestive tract as a whole.

Energy drinks.

Children and older people can consume energy drinks to replace the electrolytes in the body. For infants and children are advised to consume oral rehydration therapy. Ice cream, carbonated drinks, and candy can aggravate diarrhea in children.

Give fluids at a sick baby about 15-20 minutes after vomiting or diarrhea, this is done so that the stomach of the baby can take a break. Breast milk can be given to the baby if he’s still taking breast milk. In addition to breast milk, ORS fluid can also be given, if a baby can drink from the bottle.

Consuming foods in small and easy to digest

Consuming foods in small and easy to digest, such as bananas, porridge, and fish. This aims to provide recovery time for your stomach to stop eating if the nausea is starting to feel back.

Buy OTC drugs to the stomach.

Certain gastrointestinal medications may help the symptoms of stomach virus. Some drugs are common among these are Pepcid, Maalox, and Pepto Bismol. These medications will only help if you experience indigestion, acid reflux, or excess gas, but still can soothe the stomach.

Consult your doctor to get a prescription drug.

When no non-prescription drugs or home remedies that can relieve your symptoms, consider contacting your doctor and ask for a prescription medication.

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