How many bones does a baby have?
How Many Bones Does a Baby Have?

How Many Bones Does a Baby Have? Is It More Than Older Peoples’ Bones?

How many bones does a baby have? A number of baby’s bones and older people are different. How could it be? Of course, it is related to a process of childbirth, making the different number of bones. Higher number of baby’s bones make a childbirth process run smoothly.

A Number of Baby’s Bones

Every normal baby born in the world will have 350 bones in his body. But, when he grows older, the bones will decrease to be 206 bones only. The bones will merge together. It means that older people have fewer bones than a baby. The decreasing process is caused that the bones are connected each other. There are bones connecting to form stronger bones. The growth of bones is influenced by Human Growth Hormone and calcium. How many bones does a baby have? Of course, it is more than older people. The number of bones takes a deal with the hormone and calcium.

In the first year, baby grows about 50 cm to be 75 cm. It gets familiar that bones consist of solid substances like a stone, calcium. The bones are connective tissue and form frame system. The strength of bones is from two sources that is outside part called cortex bones reaching 80% of bone mass weight and trabecullar being 20 % of bone mass. The bones are useful to protect organs in the body. The breastbone is protecting the heart and lungs. The skull is beneficial to protect brain consisting of a number of merged bones when he was born.

Why Do Baby’s Bones Separate?

Human’s body consists of 206 bones. The size starts with small one to the big ones. But, a number of human’s bones are different from babies. The newborn has many more bones from older people almost reaching 350 bones. It is unbelievable. Based on the same source, it can be said that the separation of baby’s bones is functioning to give elasticity and flexibility needed by baby to pass the birth canal.

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A process of cartilage in bone formation is called ossification. It is started before the childbirth and stop when the baby is about 20 years old. That is why older people cannot grow every year. Ossification happened when capillary vessels bring blood to cells of bone formation. Then, it starts to produce compact bones, including cartilage and finally changing it. That was an explanation of the baby’s bones. You can answer a question of how many bones does a baby have.

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